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Be a mate on May 8

Celebrate World Red Cross Day by taking one of our actions.

To mark World Red Cross Red Crescent Day on May 8 we have developed a list of eight ways that you can celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Henry Dunant, the founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and also #beamate to someone who is doing it tough.

Contact a mate you haven’t spoken to in a while

Loneliness doesn’t discriminate, with as many as 5.6 million Aussies suffering from the growing problem. It can affect people at any age, in any location, from any background. Reducing loneliness will not only save and improve the lives of millions of Australians, it will make our entire nation healthier and safer.

To mark Word Red Cross Day, #beamate on May 8 by reaching out to someone you haven’t spoken with in a while. One strong connection can help someone beat loneliness.

Roll up a sleeve and donate blood

It only takes an hour to donate blood, but it could change someone’s life. Every donation can help save three lives. You may be able to donate whole blood, plasma, or platelets. Each type of blood donation is used for different medical treatments, and your blood type determines the best donation for you to make.

Make an appointment today and #beamate to someone in need. Lots of donor centres are open after hours and on weekends.

Volunteer your time to help others

Have some time to help in your local community? Gain new skills, share your existing ones and meet new mates through volunteering. Australian Red Cross has a heap of opportunities ranging from our on-call emergency roster to assisting in retail shops located across the country.

Check out our current volunteer vacancies – we regularly update this list.

Donate pre-loved clothes and goods

Have you got some clothes, accessories and homewares you no longer need? We’d love them! If they’re in good enough condition that you’d give them to a mate, we can sell them to raise funds to help people in need (Unfortunately we cannot accept mattresses or electrical goods).

By donating and/or shopping at our stores you are not only helping others but you’re helping the environment too.

Drop your items or shop at any one of our 160+ stores nationwide.

Introduce yourself to your neighbour

Knowing your neighbour could save your life. During an emergency, long before emergency services can arrive, it’s your neighbour who is likely to be the first person to assist you. Statistics show one-in-three Australians will be threatened by an emergency during their lifetime. Take some time to get to know your neighbours so you can help each other when times get tough.

Get trained in first aid

Knowing what to do if someone is having a seizure, stroke, or heart attack could help you save a life one day. We run first aid courses all over Australia. Find a class near you.

Plus check out our first aid app, a free handy guide you can use anytime.

Donate to support your favourite charity

Donating to charity helps support vital work within the community that you live. Within Red Cross donations help support the most vulnerable people in our local communities here in Australia. Such support includes breakfasts for hungry school children to daily phone calls to isolated Australians to check on their welfare.

If you’d like to donate to Australian Red Cross you can either make a one off donation or become a Humanitarian Champion and make an automatic monthly donation.

Learn about Red Cross’ My Team app

My Team is a new app to help provide support to those experiencing mental health concerns. It’s co-designed by our team at Red Cross with carers, clinicians, counsellors, and most importantly, people who have lived experience. It helps you build a team of positive people who can give you the support you need, when you need it.

This doesn’t mean you necessarily need a huge team offering intensive support. They’ll simply be your most trusted family, friends or mentors, perhaps your doctor or allied health professionals, people who can #beamate when times get tough.