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A busy week of wind, rain and fire

As communities in WA and SA coped with two fires and a cyclone, Red Cross was there to help register people and distribute relief supplies, from clothing to a comforting teddy bear.

As a Tropical Low intensified into Tropical Cyclone Joyce off the West Kimberley coast on 11 January, a cyclone shelter opened in Broome.

The Register.Find.Reunite service took of total of 161 registrations. The Red Cross shop in Broome provided a variety of clothing, bedding and blankets to the evacuation centre following a support request from Department of Communities.

The Broome Red Cross office also provided additional clothing, kits, kids’ activity packs and the much-loved Trauma Teddies for children at the centre, as the numbers swelled to more than 100 community members seeking shelter from the heavy rain and winds.

The cyclone has now passed and the cyclone shelter is now closed. Red Cross will continue to support the Kimberly and Pilbara region as they remain on flood alert. The Broome Red Cross office continues to provide Emergency Relief and support to individuals and families who are unable to return home due to flooded roads.

Meanwhile Red Cross Emergency Services has been kept busy in South Australia in the aftermath of two separate fires.

Four emergency volunteers were on hand offering support to community members at a public meeting held on 11 January after the Sherwood fire, east of Keith in southern SA. The fire burnt some 12,100 hectares of land and destroyed a number of homes and structures.

Red Cross was also in Murray Bridge, where a fire in the abattoir on 3 January severely damaged what was the largest employer in the town.

Nineteen Red Cross personnel have helped at the Community Information Centre in Murray Bridge, supporting any of the 1108 visitors who have dropped in, seeking information or a listening ear.

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