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15 things you can do to help end the nuclear weapons era

On 22 January, the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons came into force, marking a historic turning point in global efforts to end the nuclear weapons era once and for all.

This global agreement prohibits nuclear weapons and makes illegal their use, development, production, testing, and stockpiling in the 51 countries that have so far ratified the treaty.

It brings us a step closer to a world without nukes, but we need your help to keep the momentum going because the only way to truly end the catastrophic threat these weapons pose to humanity and the planet is to eliminate them in every country.

Here are 15 ways you can help us raise awareness, inspire community change and show your support for a world without nukes

1. Organise a film night

Gather your family and friends to watch a film or documentary about nuclear weapons. Afterwards, talk about what you learned and your opinions. Here’s a film list for inspo.

2. Partner with your local pub to host a trivia night

Ask a local pub to hold a No Nukes Trivia Night. We have 10 questions to get your event started and our IHL team can help you with more (email us at

3. Rally your school friends or workmates

Start a micro-campaign in your school or workplace around a single action, such as getting your banks to get out of investments that support nuclear weapons. Download our step-by-step Starting a Micro-Campaign guide to get started.

4. Host a dinner discussion

Have friends over for a nuclear-weapons-themed dinner and discussion. Use our discussion cards to kick off the conversation.

5. Share on social media

Share information about the harmful impacts of nuclear weapons with your networks. Our Social Media Guide will help you work out what to post.

6. Organise a book club

Ask your family and friends to read a book about nuclear weapons. Afterwards, get together to talk about what you learned, your thoughts and opinions. Here are a few great books you could try.

7. Divest your super and bank account

Make sure your money isn’t supporting the nuclear weapons industry. Use resources from Don’t Bank on the Bomb to see if your bank is investing in nuclear weapons and find out how you can urge them to divest.

8. Talk to people about why this matters to you

Explain to your family and friends why the elimination of nuclear weapons is important to you. Use our Storytelling Guide to create your story and strike up a conversation.

9. Learn more

Find out more about nuclear weapons, their history and the threat they pose to humankind and the environment. Check out our recommendations on documentaries, books, podcasts and more.

10. Ask local community leaders to sign the ICAN Cities Appeal

Use ICAN Australia’s toolkit to write to your local council and encourage them to sign up to the appeal.

11. Connect with organisations working on the issue

Get involved with an organisation like ICAN Australia or sign up to receive our international humanitarian law e-newsletter to keep up to date on what’s happening in the world of nuclear weapons.

12. Ask your local cinema to host a special film screening

Reach out to a cinema and ask them to show a film or documentary about nuclear weapons. Here’s a list of titles you can suggest.

13. Run a boot camp to help others champion the cause

Use our Mobilisation Guide to help you quickly upskill people in your community. You could host a lunch-and-learn for your workplace.

14. Make paper cranes

Make these Origami symbols of peace with your kids or crafty friends. Watch our video to learn how. While you’re folding have discussion about the history and meaning of paper cranes. We would love to see your creations – post a photo on social media and tag Red Cross.

15. Start a group with like-minded people

Connect with others in your area who are interested in the issue and set up regular meetings. Use a platform like Meetup or Facebook Groups.

Combined lots of small local actions like these can help raise awareness of this important issue in your community and create a groundswell of support for change. 

 “A nuclear-weapons-free world is not a dream but a necessity for human survival. We need to stop waiting for things to happen. We need to go ahead and make things happen.” - Amit Ray, Indian author 

Get involved today. Show your support for the elimination of nuclear weapons and celebrate this turning point in history.