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Red Cross responds to allegations against fundraising contractors

Tuesday 28 November 2017

Australian Red Cross is concerned by allegations of bullying and underpayment brought to light by the National Union of Workers (NUW).

Red Cross CEO, Judy Slatyer says the allegations are distressing and go against everything Red Cross stands for.

“We are deeply sorry to hear these stories and believe nobody should be subjected to such treatment.” Ms Slatyer said.

“We value the people who fundraise for us. Earlier this year, we moved all of our third party fundraising to an employment model.

“Our current contracts with third party fundraisers require them to pay their employees at least the minimum wage and any relevant awards or enterprise agreements; to meet all requirements of the National Employment Standards and other relevant workplace laws; and ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees and the highest standards of behaviour in all their dealings.”

“We have always insisted on legal and appropriate labour practices, including for contractors. Last year we also began seeking assurances from third party fundraisers and then, earlier this year, negotiated even stronger protections into contracts - including the move to a wage-based model in July, added Ms Slatyer.

“Red Cross has triggered its right to audit its current face-to-face third party fundraising contractors, to check compliance with its stringent employment conditions.”

“We thank the NUW for bringing these allegations to light. For anyone impacted who has been fundraising on our behalf, please call the Fair Work Ombudsman, their union or call us on 1800 RED CROSS (733 276),” Ms Slatyer concluded.


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