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Red Cross offers grants for Greater Sydney residents in extreme hardship

Australian Red Cross is delivering one-off financial assistance for people on temporary visas or without visas affected by the Greater Sydney lockdown.

The Extreme Hardship Support Program offers a $400 payment to help people meet urgent needs, stay at home and help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  

Poppy Brown Australian Red Cross Director of NSW says this assistance is critical to public health efforts, as people on temporary visas or of uncertain visa status are more likely to be in vulnerable situations.  

“People on temporary visas or without a visa are unable to access supports like Centrelink and Medicare. This $400 grant helps them afford essential items like food, shelter and medicine,” she said. 

“None of us are safe until all of us are safe. Our message to people on temporary visas, or with no visa, is to contact Red Cross to access this assistance. Red Cross will not share your personal details with immigration authorities,” she said.  

Eligibility - this payment is for people: 

  • Living in Greater Sydney  
  • On a temporary visa, who do not currently hold a visa or who have uncertain/undocumented visa status 
  • With no access to other ongoing Commonwealth financial support programs  
  • Experiencing extreme financial hardship 

 Applications can be made online at  

The Emergency Hardship Support program is funded through the NSW Department of Communities and Justice.  

For media queries, contact or 1800 733 443.