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Red Cross urges people to seek help as floods emergency continues in north Queensland

Updated 5 February 2019.

As the flood emergency continues in north Queensland, Red Cross is encouraging affected communities to access a range of advice and resources from its website to help cope with the impact of rising water levels.

With homes in Townsville swamped by major flooding, trained Red Cross emergency services teams are on the ground helping those affected. Red Cross teams are also on the ground in Port Douglas, conducting community outreach and offering psychological first aid.

Collin Sivalingum from Red Cross Emergency Services Queensland said, “Crisis events like the floods in north Queensland can be very distressing and it’s normal to feel upset, anxious or overwhelmed. Stress caused by such events can impact all aspects of your life and may continue for a long time. This is a normal response to an abnormal experience.”

“Red Cross emergency services teams are in place as needed, and we’re geared up to support those who need help as the flood emergency continues,” says Mr Sivalingum.

“With torrential rain forecast for the next few days we’d urge everyone to keep up-to-date, and take steps to get prepared now if you haven’t already, including packing things that will help you stay safe as well as important documents and precious belongings.”

“For those who have had to leave their homes, our Red Cross volunteers provide psychological first aid to support people’s wellbeing in times of crisis.

"From our experience in emergencies we know that people are capable and resilient. We’re often amazed by people’s strength, courage and generosity, even in the toughest of times,” added Mr Sivalingum.

Red Cross has opened Register.Find.Reunite and is urging people affected by the 2019 Queensland Monsoon Floods to get in touch with their families and friends.

If you or a loved one has been impacted by the 2019 Queensland Monsoon Floods, Red Cross encourages you to register or enquire through the Register.Find.Reunite service.

People can register and look for someone with Register.Find.Reunite at If internet and mobile devices are down due to the emergency, people can also register and enquire by calling 1800 442 182 (Australia-wide) or +617 3055 6230 (international).

Red Cross tips, advice and information about how you can help yourself and others through the emotional distress caused by the flood emergency can be found at care.

For media enquiries contact Red Cross media adviser Angela Lemme or 0437 331 310.

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