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Lady Lawley Cottage

Red Cross is consulting with people and organisations about the future of the site.

Lady Lawley Cottage is located in Perth’s western suburbs. It was bestowed to Australian Red Cross in 1944, to deliver services for “crippled and convalescent children” (reflecting the language used at the time).  From then until more recently,  Australian Red Cross provided respite and other services for children with disabilities. 

In 2020, Australian Red Cross made the decision to cease running services at the site due to lack of financial sustainability. 

Australian Red Cross is currently consulting with people and organisations about the future of the site. 

Australian Red Cross is committed to ensuring Lady Lawley Cottage remains a place where high quality services are sustainably provided to meet the needs of children with disabilities. 

Service closure

Australian Red Cross acknowledges the difficulties for children with disabilities, and their families and carers, that ceasing services has caused. Australian Red Cross apologises unreservedly for any distress caused. 

Site history

Lady Lawley Cottage has been part of the community in Cottesloe since 1903. Australian Red Cross was bestowed the site in 1944 by Lady Lawley Cottage By The Sea Inc. 

Site future

Australian Red Cross is facilitating a process to determine future use of the site. This will be determined by a Management Committee on the basis of what is in the best interests of children with disabilities, and their families and carers, taking into account best practice disability service provision, financial sustainability of service provision, and practical limitations of the site. 

The Committee includes two external representatives, being former WA Disability Services Minister, the Hon Sheila McHale, and former Ability Centre CEO, Judy Hogben. 

The Committee is working with people and organisations, including: 

  • Disability providers (who may deliver services at the site)
  • Government agencies
  • Parents and former users of the site
  • People who are potential users of services at the site
  • People with lived experience of disability
  • Young people
  • Peak bodies
  • Others with an interest in contemporary disability service provision

Once the process has determined best options for the site, an Expression of Interest or similar process will be used to select the service and service provider and whom will thereafter deliver services from Lady Lawley Cottage. 

At this point it is not possible to have a clear sense of when a decision will be made, or when services may be operational. As we work through the process outlined above we will provide further updates as to the timeline to progress matters. 

Get in touch

If you would like to share your perspective on what future children’s disability services you think could be delivered from Lady Lawley Cottage and what you see the challenges as being that would be useful for us to consider and address please contact