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International training courses

Our courses build the skills and knowledge that underpin a successful career in aid work.

Careers in Aid Work

So you want to be an aid worker? Come and discover how your skills and experience are relevant to the sector, and how to get your foot in the door.

Introduction to Humanitarian Response

Want to know how aid works? This is the course for you. Learn about how Red Cross, UN, Government and Non-Government actors collaborate and coordinate to provide life-saving humanitarian assistance to those in need.

International Humanitarian Protection Training

Learn how to protect people's safety, dignity and rights within a humanitarian response. This two-day intensive course covers protection principles, mainstreaming protection, gender-based violence and child protection.

Capacity Development Across Cultures

Whether you work overseas or within a culturally diverse environment in Australia, this two-day course will develop your effectiveness in conducting your work in any cross-cultural context.

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Customised training courses

Australian Red Cross International Training can provide a customised training service for your organisation upon request. We have provided specialised training courses for a number of government, non-government, corporate organisations, and universities in the past, by building on and adapting our courses to suit the needs of each training group.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can tailor our courses to your needs. Email or call 03 9345 1800 and ask for the International Training team.

Podcast: How Aid Works

Ever wanted an intimate chat with people who treat the wounded in wartime, fight epidemics and respond to disasters? Get ready for a wild ride with larger-than-life, uplifting and occasionally tear-jerking stories.

How we recruit aid workers

Read about the types of missions available, our recruitment process and what you can expect working with the Red Cross.

Current opportunities

Take a look at current international oppourtunities with the Red Cross.