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Using My Team

Using My Team

For all of us, it can be difficult to have a positive outlook all of the time.

Knowing you have a team of supporters who care can make a world of difference.

My Team is for anyone who would like to grow with a close group of supporters on their side. 

Create a support team

▪ Your team is a close group of supporters who are there by your side.

▪ Select your own trusted group. They could be a relative, friends or therapist.

▪ They'll check-in from time to time. Reach out by sending a message of encouragement.

Grow with goals

▪ Take small daily steps towards bigger goals and share your progress.

▪ Choose simple goals, like mediating, taking walks in the park or chatting to a friend.

▪ Small goals along the way build bigger success as you go.

Reflect on your mood

▪ Bring awareness to your thoughts, your heart and your body.

▪ Reflect on your feelings as they ebb and flow.

▪ Use tags inside the app to bring awareness to your daily moods and inner world.

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What people say about My Team

"It's been amazing to record my mood more than once a day to see why I'm feeling that mood and think about what triggered it."

“When I’m having a rough time I know I need to meditate more. My Team has encouraged me to set this as a goal every week.”

“When I’m in a dark place, someone who knows how to reach out to me really helps.”

My Team supporters

Choosing your supporters

Consider who understands you. Who you feel comfortable sharing your moods and thoughts with? They don't have to be close friends or relatives. Just people you trust and want around. Some people find it easier than others to identify who they want on their team. It's different for everyone. That's okay. It's your team! You can choose who you invite, the number of people (one or all four) and when to reach out.

Who to ask

Here's a list to get you thinking about people you might want as supporters. A partner, friend, flatmate, parent, godparent, aunt or uncle, teacher or trusted colleague. Your yoga teacher, jujitsu coach or gym trainer. Perhaps your hairdresser, acupuncture therapist or naturopath. A neighbour or old family friend. 

Inviting health professionals

Before inviting your GP, psychologist or other health professional check if there's any financial costs involved for you. To help them make a thoughtful decision, you can share the Supporter Handbook.

My Team isn’t the answer to all your mental health concerns, but it's one tool you can add to your wellness tool kit. 

For immediate mental health support.

We may not have all the answers here. But we’re keen to help your mental wellbeing. If you’d like to speak to our Customer Care Team please call us on 1800 733 276 or email us.

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