September Appeal MV

No one knows what tomorrow could bring, make a difference in the minutes and hours when it matters most and donate today

We can't wait for an emergency to strike before we act. And by helping now, you enable us to focus on strategic planning, strengthening community resilience, and investing in training more volunteers so we can respond quickly and effectively when it matters most.

Floods have hit every state and territory over the last 12 months. La Nina might be over, but now the UN's World Meteorological Organisation says an El Niño is here for the first time in seven years. That means we should brace for a hot, dry summer with a higher risk of heatwaves and bushfires.

Right now, we are equipping and training our 4,000 emergency response volunteers, and at the same time, we’re recruiting new team members. And if the worst should happen, they will be ready to help across the country at a moment’s notice.

Our teams are trusted humanitarians, the people helping people caught in the chaos.

 In 2022, we were activated for 331 out of 365 days. Every year we support tens of thousands of people affected by emergencies all over Australia.

No one knows when the next disaster will strike, but with your support, we can be ready, 24/7, every day of the year. Please help us care for people before, during, and after disasters.

$250 can provide a well-being check for more than 20 people who have been through an emergency

$500 can help run an emergency operations centre to coordinate our volunteers

$1,000 can equip 50 families in regional Australia with their own ready-to-go emergency plan

$2,500 can train 125 Red Cross volunteers to support people who have experienced trauma

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