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Help Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Australia

Your kindness can be a lifeline for someone trying to make ends meet. Please donate today.

Refugee woman in Australia wearing a headscarf and smiling.

Every day refugees and asylum seekers living in Australia are struggling. Some families live on one meal a day. Parents can’t afford to pay for their children’s medicine. Young people are sleeping on the street. Their survival, dignity and health is at risk.

Irrespective of how people arrive in Australia they need help. You can do something today.

Will you support them?

By supporting the emergency appeal you help refugees and people seeking asylum get by while they look for work or make decisions about their futures. Your support means we can provide them with everyday essentials like food vouchers, transport cards, small cash grants and access to caseworkers and emergency accommodation.

Each month 670 people surviving day to day are helped. About 85% receive no other income support. 

And need is growing. We've seen a 50% increase in people requesting emergency help this year.

Donate today

Your donation won’t just help people with everyday essentials. It’s a lifeline while they get back on their feet. It’s a reminder that someone cares about their wellbeing and safety.


How your donation can help

  • $30 buys a public transport card. It’s the only way for many people to get to job interviews and medical appointments.

  • $100 covers groceries for a family of four for a week, including fresh veggies and fruit.

  • $250 covers a week’s rent in a shared community housing flat. Many people don’t know where they will sleep, week to week.

  • $400 pays for one month of casework support, to help people mend and plan for their future.

  • $500 covers quarterly electricity and gas bills for a family who might not otherwise afford heating in winter.

  •  $1,000 could help a family unable to find work afford a roof over their heads until their situation improves.

Your questions answered

Most of the people who need help are waiting for their protection claims to be assessed. Many are ineligible for government support. Most are struggling to find work. Some just need a safe place to work out what they will do next.

Donations help us provide everyday essentials like food, financial relief, vouchers and casework to people seeking asylum who face significant hardship. Donations also help us link people to services like housing, employment, education and social support; and reconnect families who have been separated.

If the funds raised exceed the pressing needs of asylum seekers and refugees, or due to circumstances beyond our control, then we will use the funds in assisting other vulnerable people in Australia.

Donations of $2 or more may be tax deductible for Australian taxpayers.

We see around 670 people each month, many of whom need ongoing support. Last year, we helped over 2,500 people with:

  • $17,000 in public transport cards
  • $387,000 in groceries/food bank vouchers
  • $20,600 for essential medicine and health care
  • $38,800 for emergency accommodation
  • $21,300 in items like uniforms and stationery for school kids

Yes. We’ve seen a 50% increase in people needing emergency help this year. Many of these people face barriers that keep them from working, while also denying them access to services such as crisis housing, concession cards or income support.

3 ways you can help

Young Red Cross volunteer talking to school children in a classroom

Host a Community Conversation

Invite us (and our clients) to share the facts about seeking asylum at your workplace or school.

Matin wearing a high vis shirt standing smiling outside his workplace

Help with a job

Help great people find and enjoy work.

Red Cross volunteer with arms around three refugee women wearing headscarves

Volunteer with refugees

If you want to make a positive difference, find out how you can share your skills.

Help refugees and asylum seekers with everyday essentials