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Help great families find a place to call home

If you’re a landlord in the ACT, Red Cross is asking you to consider leasing your property to one of the refugee families we support.

Stable housing is the foundation of good settlement. Photo: Australian Red Cross/Conor Ashleigh

If you’re a landlord in the ACT, Red Cross is asking you to consider leasing your property to one of the refugee families we support.

Our clients are reliable and stable tenants. They have been accepted into Australia under the Humanitarian Program and we give them ongoing support as they settle into the ACT.

Stable housing is the key to effective settlement. But newly-arrived refugees can find it very hard to get a home in the private rental market, as their initial income is provided by Centrelink and they have no previous rental history in Australia.

We’re asking you to give these families a fair go to find a stable home. You can do this by offering your property to be tenanted under a head lease agreement. Red Cross and Argyle Housing will support newly-arrived refugees to be your tenants.

What makes refugee families good tenants?

Our clients are capable, resilient people who are eager to establish stable, productive lives for themselves and their children.

  • They receive a rental allowance that is paid directly to the agent or landlord, ensuring that rent is paid on time.
  • Red Cross and Argyle Housing prepare our clients to be reliable and self-sufficient tenants. Our education program covers the importance of paying rent on time, caring for the property, rights and responsibilities and much more.
  • We help clients to complete applications, furnish their homes and connect utilities.
  • We visit clients regularly to see how they are going.

We help our clients settle into Australian life. Photo: Australian Red Cross/Conor Ashleigh

About our clients

Since November, we’ve supported 70 refugee families to settle into homes in Canberra and northern New South Wales. This is done through the Humanitarian Settlement Program, an initiative of the Department of Social Service.

Most of our clients are young families of 3-5 people. Adults are often in their late 20s-30s, with children under 12 years old.

They come from many different countries including El Salvador, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Myanmar and Afghanistan. They have all been accepted into Australia as future citizens and passed rigorous background checks to do so.

In general, almost 70% of refugees in Australia have completed high school and a third have university or other tertiary qualifications. They are keen to work and actively seek employment as soon as possible.

How to help

If you’re a landlord or real estate agent in the ACT, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to find out more about our clients and a head lease agreement.

Argyle Housing

Argyle Housing provides sustainable housing and tenancy management services to those on low to moderate incomes, and supports them to achieve social inclusion and build a financially viable future.

Contact Madeleine Napolitano on 0448 872 702 or

Australian Red Cross

Red Cross supports refugees, people seeking asylum and others who are vulnerable as the result of migration.

Contact Pia Angelucci on 0420 979 674 or

Funded by the Department of Social Services