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Do the Pack up your House Challenge

Effort: Low | Time: <3 hours

In an emergency, you often don’t have time to think, let alone pack. By packing a survival kit in advance, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress. Completing the pack up your house challenge is a fun way to get your family involved and prepared for emergencies. 

Steps to take action 

  1. Do the ‘pack up your house challenge’ with your household. Gather everyone together and ask them to imagine there is an emergency and you need to leave the house in 10 minutes. Ask everyone to pack what they need in 10 minutes and meet at the car or at the front of the house. 
  2. The pack up your house challenge will create some useful conversations around what is and is not important to take with you in an emergency situation. Talk with your household about what you might have missed during the challenge. 
  3. Complete your household survive and recover kit. You can use the Get Packing Toolkit to do this. It will help you decide what to include and how to go about packing it. 

Helpful resources