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Community Groups and Workplaces

Sessions are also available to community groups and workplaces wanting to learn more about the issues faced by people seeking safety in Australia.

Open to clubs, organisations, workplaces, communities and higher education institutions, these sessions give participants an opportunity to learn, share and contribute to meaningful discussion about people impacted by migration.

Providing insights and information, sessions encourage critical thinking and foster an appreciation of diversity. These conversations hope to empower people to create change in their community by promoting understanding.

We can tailor our sessions to any group size, from small and informal gatherings to large forums and conferences.

Get the facts

What you need to know to have an informed conversation about refugees and people seeking asylum.

Get involved

Join our movement – volunteer, donate, or just start a conversation!

Learning resources

Learn. Share. Act. What do you know? Where can you find out more? What can you do?