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Gymnastics NSW

Free mental health course for gymnastics groups in NSW to support people with mental health concerns.

Help promote resilience and a supportive culture within your sport and the broader community through mental health training.

Knowing how to spot and respond to signs of crisis in your team and with your teammates can have a big impact on mental health concerns. Early intervention and a supportive sporting environment is a winner for people within your sport, club and association.

Free mental health courses are being offered to people living in regional, rural and remote areas in NSW to equip coaches, administrators and others to identify and support people dealing with mental health challenges.  

Courses are funded through the Office of Sport NSW Mental Health Sports Fund

Mental Health Matters

A short, interactive and informative workshop to help sports coaches, leaders and administrators recognise the signs and symptoms of someone with mental health concerns.

  • Understand common mental health issues in sporting environments
  • Develop practical ways to deliver model responses during a crisis situation
  • Implement an action plan that provides early intervention and support to reduce the impact of mental health within your sporting community
  • Learn about support organisations in your area for further referral

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Courses are funded through the Office of Sport NSW Mental Health Sports Fund