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Volunteer in retail, customer service or administration

Help us to connect better

Retail volunteering at Red Cross Shops

Volunteers help create vibrant communities by running our Red Cross shops. They sort donations, liaise with customers and create eye-catching displays all while helping raise money for our services through making sales. Or you might prefer to be behind the scenes, organising stock in our warehouses.

Customer service volunteering

In Melbourne, our Supporter Services Centre is the hub for our contact with our donors, members, First Aid students and other supporters. Volunteers help the team build and maintain relationships with our supporters by giving them a call to thank them and helping with other administrative tasks.

Administration volunteering

Volunteers also help in our offices around the country in areas such as HR, finance and office administration; depending on what assistance staff need. You might be able to share your specialist skills or develop your administrative ones.

Knitting for charity: Trauma Teddies

Interested in knitting for charity? Volunteer to knit a Trauma Teddy, given to children and adults during traumatic times.

Volunteer in emergency services

Our volunteers help people in our communities feel included and take apart.

Volunteer in emergency services

Help people before, during and after disasters