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Trauma Teddy questions

Questions about getting started 

How do I knit Trauma Teddies for Red Cross? 
Download the Trauma Teddy Knitting Pattern to start knitting Standard Teddies right away. There is also a pattern for slightly larger Teddies. Please follow the pattern carefully. When you’re ready to drop off your Teddies, contact us to find your local coordinator.   

I am interested in knitting Trauma Teddies for Red Cross, who do I contact? 
Please complete the enquiry form and a coordinator in your state will contact you. 

Is there a Trauma Teddy group in my local area? 
There are Trauma Teddy groups that you can join in all capital cities, as well as in many other cities and towns. Let us know where you live through our enquiry form and a coordinator will tell you if there’s a group near you. 

I can’t join a group. Can I just knit Teddies?  
Yes, you can. Contact us so we can put you in touch with your local coordinator. They’ll help you arrange delivery of completed Teddies or knitted halves (“skins”). 

Can people in our retirement village make Teddies? 
Yes! You may like to start your own Trauma Teddy Group. Please liaise with a Red Cross coordinator or your local Red Cross branch to discuss quality control and distribution. 

Questions about making Trauma Teddies 

I only want to knit Teddies, not sew them up. Is that ok? 
That’s absolutely fine. We happily accept knitted skins (both sides the same and tied together) and have other volunteers who can finish them. Remember to follow the instructions on the pattern and leave long ends of yarn for sewing up, especially for the neck and ears. 

I’m not a good knitter, can I still help? 
We’d love your help. You can help us sew up the knitted Teddies, or stuff and finish them. Please contact us and we will put you in touch with your local coordinator. 

What wool do I use and what size needles? 
You can find these details in our pattern. Please make sure you only use the 8 ply wool or acrylic yarn and a needle size that produces a firm knit (not too loose) to stop the filling coming out through the stitches. The needle size you use depends on your knitting style – size 3 for loose knitters or 3.25 for tight knitters. 

Where do I get the yarn to knit teddies? 
You can purchase yarn in lots of craft stores, as well as online. Please only use 8 ply wool or acrylic yarn. Mohair, angora, Feathersoft, Lurex or cotton yarn should not be used anywhere on Teddies because they can cause allergic reactions. Your local coordinator may have some donated yarn they can share with knitters.  

Where do I get the filling material for Teddies? 
Trauma Teddies should be stuffed with a polyester monofilament (Dacron) fibre approved by Red Cross. Be sure the use the correct filling (see the Trauma Teddy pattern for more details). Filling can be purchased from craft stores and some department stores. Your local coordinator sometimes has stuffing supplies to share. 

Can my Teddies have scarves or buttons? 
Trauma Teddies must never have any loose pieces or extras such as scarves or buttons, unless they are knitted into the fabric of the Trauma Teddy.  

Where do I get the Red Cross labels for Teddies? 
Quality and safety are important for all Trauma Teddies. Your local coordinator inspects every Trauma Teddy. Once passed, a Red Cross label will be sewn on to the Trauma Teddy at a Red Cross group or finishing school.   

I’ve finished some Teddies. Where can I take them? 
You can drop your completed Teddies (or knitted skins) into your local Red Cross office. Alternatively, contact us to make arrangements with a local coordinator for delivery or collection. Make sure you include a note with your name and contact details with your finished Teddies. 

I have some yarn/stuffing for other people to use, where can I take it? 
We can always use suitable quality materials to help us knit and complete our Teddies.  Please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a local coordinator who can assist you.   

Other questions about Trauma Teddies 

Does making Teddies count towards mutual obligation requirements? 
As far as we are aware making Teddies does not count towards mutual obligation requirements. Please check with Services Australia for volunteer opportunities with Red Cross that do count. 

Does making Teddies count for the Duke of Edinburgh Award? 
As far as we are aware making Teddies does not qualify under the volunteer rules for this award. Please check with the Duke of Edinburgh program. 

How can we get Teddies for our local hospital, community service etc.? 
Trauma Teddies are not for sale.  We are always keen to share our Teddies with deserving causes and services. Please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a local coordinator who can assist you.