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Inspirational Speakers Series

In Work Australia is our social cohesion initiative to support economic and social participation for newly arrived migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

The Inspirational Speakers Series on Facebook and LinkedIn by Guest Speakers from a diverse background will support job seekers for employment opportunities.

Step 1:  Listen to the pre-recorded videos by Guest Speakers on Facebook and LinkedIn

Step 2:  Post any questions you want answered by the Guest Speakers on Facebook

Step 3: Join the Guest Speakers for live-video streaming on Facebook to hear the answers to your questions


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn practical tips for increasing your employment opportunities and expanding your professional networks


“Helping newly arrived migrants,

refu­­­gees and asylum seekers

 find and enjoy work in Australia”


Develop a Powerful LinkedIn Presence

Guest Speaker: Chris Mansfield, NSW Membership Team Leader, Australian Red Cross.

  • Position your strengths with a professional LinkedIn profile
  • Tips on how to increase your employment chances

Live streaming Q&A session on Facebook for your LinkedIn support Wednesday 4 April 3.00pm – 3.15pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Chris Mansfield is Australian Red Cross’s Membership Team Leader at Sydney, NSW.  He currently leads NSW Membership Network Engagement and Support with Australian Red Cross members and branches. 

Chris has experience working as a recruiter for professional service organisations, and over two decades experience working in project management  for the public and private sectors in various industries, including Information Technology; Telecommunications; Finance, Government and Not-for-Profit.

Through Chris’s various experience, he has recognised the power of LinkedIn to build professional connections and develop career opportunities.

Chris will share valuable tips on how you can use LinkedIn to help you find job opportunities, build professional networks and learn how recruiters use LinkedIn to find suitable candidates for available jobs.   

Use your Strengths for Success

Guest Speaker: Afroz Ali, Managing Director, Transformative Living.

  • Know yourself better to get the right job at the right time

  • Get the best out of yourself with a practical personality-based self-assessment worksheet  

Live streaming Q&A session on Facebook for your self-assessment worksheet support Wednesday 2 May 2018 3.00pm – 3.15pm (Eastern Standard Time).

The first 8 participants will receive FREE access to a self-paced lessons on Realisations Program to achieve your goals and gain opportunities in the workforce.

Afroz Ali has been a corporate and personal development mentor for the past 18 years, providing ethical life coaching as well as corporate training to clients globally. His work has been primarily to develop individuals and organisations at the grassroots and community level based in numerous countries- Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Canada and United Arab Emirates.

He has initiated humanitarian and environmental programs around the world. He is a founding member of the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change and has been awarded the Ambassador for Peace award. He is also an ambassador for the Charter for Compassion and has been selected since 2011 as 1 of 500 most influential Muslims in the World in the category of positive citizenship and social service.

He is currently based in Sydney, Australia, and is the Managing Director and Senior Instructor at Transformative Living which provides ethical mentorship development programs to corporations, counsellors and psychologists, and individuals.

Afroz will help you to achieve your career goals.    

Design you: Create the Life You Want

Guest Speaker: Tina Murray, Life Designer, Design You.

Live streaming Q&A session on Facebook for your ‘designing you’ support Wednesday 30 May 3.00pm – 3.15pm (Eastern Standard Time)

In Tina’s Design Process E-book, you will learn to recognise your unique qualities and needs and use this knowledge to be clear about your way forward.

  • why knowing your values and needs are essential when creating the life you want;
  • why it’s important to embrace both your strengths and your weaknesses;
  • how to gain clear insight into what is important for you in your life and career; and
  • why you need to always honour your truth.

Tina’s Design You® process guides you to conceptualise and build your own

Strategic Personal Brief to construct the life you really want.

Design It. Communicate It. Live It!

Tina Murray is a designer, speaker, author, podcaster and coach who is recognised for her ‘can do attitude’, her positivity and her warm and insightful approach.  Great design is tailored specifically for the client’s needs and aspirations.  Likewise, Tina’s Design You process guides you to create a blueprint for your own outstanding, rewarding and fulfilling life.

Life happens, but with self-understanding, Tina’s powerful design tools and the clarity that the Design You Process brings, help you develop everyday resilience, and the clarity to create the life we want.

Let Tina support your ‘Design You’ process to achieve your employment goal.