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In Work Australia

Information for recent migrants

In Work Australia connects recently-arrived migrants with experienced locals who can offer practical tips about life and work in Australia.


Who can join?

You can register for In Work Australia if you have been in Australia for five years or less and you are having trouble finding or keeping a job because:

  • you don't have any local experience
  • you don't have any local contacts
  • you are still learning English
  • your qualifications aren't recognised in Australia.


How can we help you?

If you're new to Australia, finding a job is often the toughest challenge you’ll face. In Work Australia will connect you with people who will be able to answer your questions about:

  • getting a job
  • work culture
  • anything else you want to know about employment in Australia

In Work Australia is an opportunity for you to ask questions about work and life in Australia. Our online community includes people who have experience working in Australia across a range of careers and industries.

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