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The Future of Healthy Social Connection

Now, more than ever before, we need a dialogue around Healthy Social Connection.

Imagine a future where…

We are able to measure and respond to our individual social connection needs and those of our loved ones.

Frontline practitioners are able to examine and leverage the strength of social connection to improve your health and wellness.

Your wearable device can measure your physiological responses to social connection.

Digital environments and products are designed to nurture social connection over consumption.

We can anticipate and measure disruptions to social connection at a societal level.

Workplaces, schools and public spaces are designed to nurture our sense of connection.

Humanitarian organisations amplify the unique strengths of communities through the diverse assets of healthy social connection.

More than half of us are unsatisfied with our increasingly loose social connections and networks. This has significant implications for our health and happiness. As the lines between face-to-face and digital relationships increasingly change, so too will our needs and expectations of connection. The Healthy Social Connection Model defines a new way to think about and design for healthy social connections, relationships and communities.

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