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Bushfire emergency grants support

This page gives you more information about our emergency grants for people whose homes have been destroyed, and how to apply for a grant.

Red Cross is now providing emergency grants of $10,000 to people across Australia whose homes have been destroyed by bushfires.

This is one way we are helping. It’s just the start of our financial assistance for people affected by the 2019/2020 bushfires. You can read our plan to use donated funds to help.

Please also visit to see what other help is available from government.


First we are providing emergency grants of $10,000 to people whose homes have been destroyed destroyed or rendered permanently uninhabitable by the bushfires. These grants are to help people meet immediate needs.

Emergency grants are available to people across Australia whose primary place of residence has been destroyed or rendered permanently uninhabitable by any bushfire since 1 July 2019.

Your primary place of residence is the place where you reside on a permanent basis, whether as an owner/occupier or a tenant.

‘Destroyed or rendered permanently uninhabitable’ means the place has been or must be demolished.  

Yes if the property that was destroyed was your primary place of residence. When you apply, you will need to provide evidence, such as a photo or scan of a utility bill with your name and the address of the property with your name on it.

‘Destroyed or rendered permanently uninhabitable’ means the place has been or must be demolished. 

The grants are for people whose primary place of residence (owned or rented) has been destroyed or rendered permanently uninhabitable. This is because we are trying to respond to the most urgent cases first. Other financial assistance may be available from government: visit to see what is available in your state.


You can apply online with a few basic checks.

When you apply, we’ll ask for a photo or scan of the following:

  • Evidence of your identity, such as a driver licence or passport
  • Proof of residence, like a utility bill
  • A bank statement or internet banking screenshot clearly showing your name, bank name, address, BSB and account details. We cannot accept handwritten notes or photos of bank cards.

Yes. Please apply using what you have, and we’ll follow up to verify your details. If your documents were lost and can’t be replaced, please call us at 1800 RED CROSS (1800 733 276).

We appreciate that this is a stressful and upsetting time, and we’ve tried to make the process as quick and simple as possible. We’re getting many applications from bots and from overseas, so we have to be able to verify applications to make sure the money is getting to the right people.

We’re here to help. Please call 1800 RED CROSS (1800 733 726) during business hours if your documents have been lost in the fires and can’t be replaced.

No. Every application accepted for an emergency grant will receive the full $10,000 payment.

There’s no rush – grants will be open until at least 30 April 2020.

Emergency grant payments

We’re working with relevant state and territory governments to secure proof that a property was destroyed or rendered permanently uninhabitable as a result of Australian bushfires since July 2019.

We’re working hard to process thousands of applications. Once we’ve verified your information and approved your application, the emergency grant will be paid by EFT within a week wherever possible.

The emergency grants are not taxable.

Your privacy

Your personal information is protected by law. We are collecting it so we can verify your identity and process your application for a grant, respond to your enquiries or provide you with information about relevant services and support. You can read our privacy collection notice to find out more.

Have a question not answered above? Please contact us on 1800 RED CROSS (1800 733 276) during business hours.