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Get Prepared app FAQs

We all face emergencies: whether as large as a bushfire or as personal as a home accident. But the more prepared we are, the less stressful they become. Preparing means we’re more likely to stay in control during an emergency and be better positioned to recover afterwards.

Many of us think preparation is about what to pack; but it’s more about how we think, who we call and what we value.

Getting prepared isn’t hard – it’s about taking simple steps to make you safer. With the app, you can choose the steps that are right for you and your family. Key contacts, handy checklists, and vital information in one emergency plan that’s at your fingertips whenever you need it.

It’s for anyone concerned about emergencies. Maybe you have people and pets to care for, or valuable or irreplaceable items to protect. Maybe you live in a hazard-prone area, or been in an emergency already. The app will give you simple steps to be safer.

We don’t capture anything you record in the app beyond your name and email address. Your name and email address are used to allow Red Cross to personalise help and tips for you about the app, so that we can provide you the right advice via email if you miss any features.

We use an analytics platform that records the general location of users – like the city they might be in – but we don’t see your address. We will use this general location information to send targeted messages from time to time if there is an event that might impact some of our app users.

The notes you write on the tasks you are completing remain entirely private. In the current version of the app, none of this information is transferred anywhere. Your personal information remains yours and it stays on your device. Your personal information will never be shared for commercial purposes with IAG or any other third party.

Most of the app’s features will work fine without an internet connection. The Key 3 and My List sections are stored on your device and the information you have entered in them is always available to you. Some of the steps involved in setting-up the app work best with an internet connection, and you will need an internet connection to share your plan with your loved ones.

At this time, the app is only for use within Australia.

There are a few ways to give feedback on the app. If you have a spare couple of minutes, you can complete a feedback survey online. If you have a little less time, please consider heading to the App Store to submit a rating or review of the app. Or, if your feedback is more specific, you can email us at 

You can see if we have answered your question on the Get Prepared help page. If your question isn’t covered there, please email us at

If you require more assistance with getting prepared for emergencies, you can download the RediPlan or contact us at 

The app was developed through a co-design process by Australian Red Cross and IAG. It was informed by research we conducted to understand how people experience emergencies, and how they access information that will help them. Both Red Cross and IAG learned that:

  • the way we describe emergencies isn’t always the way people experience them
  • people don’t prepare because they feel they don’t need to, are not able to or don’t know how to
  • people who have to care for others, have to be cared for or have been through an emergency are more likely to prepare for an emergency
  • people need an immediate and trusted source of information in an emergency, but are not sure where, or how, to find it
  • people do not care as much for material possessions, but they do crave a return to routine and want life to get back to normal after an emergency
  • key to recovery is helping people connect with community and resume a routine.

These insights helped Red Cross and IAG to prototype, test and build a digital tool to make it simple for people to take the steps to protect themselves and those they love.

Get Prepared builds on the Red Cross RediPlan. It’s a digital platform to help people achieve the same goal: make an emergency plan that’s right for them, ready whenever they need it.

We have a 10-year partnership, the first of its kind, to build community connection and resilience. General insurer IAG has committed resources and funding to collaborate with us to help people and businesses prepare for and cope with disasters and unexpected events. We aim to tackle big challenges in innovative ways, achieving measureable social and business impact for both organisations.

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