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Get Prepared app help

Installing the app

The app is currently available for any iPhone, iPad and iPod touch compatible with iOS 10.0 or later. To upgrade to the latest version of iOS, please see Apple’s support site.

To install the app: 

  1. Make sure your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is connected to the internet
  2. Open the App Store app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  3. Open the Search tab
  4. Search for Get Prepared
  5. Ensure that this is the app you see and tap GET
  6. You may need to either enter your App Store username and password, or use TouchID to allow the app to be installed on your device
  7. Once the download is complete, tap OPEN to launch the app

Setting up the app

The first time you launch the app, you will taken through a couple of screens that explain the main features of the app.

Once you have stepped through these introductory screens, you will be asked to enter your address on the Where do you live? screen. 

Where do you live?

This screen provides the opportunity to input your street address, which allows for the app to set an image of your home (from Google Streetview) as a constant visual feature for you i    n the app. This step is optional, and your address information is kept private and is only stored on your phone. If you wish to skip this step, tap Do later at the bottom-right of the screen.

To enter your street address

  1. Tap the white Enter Address box
  2. Start by typing your exact street address, including street number and name
  3. You should begin seeing search suggestions as you type. Keep typing until you see your address appear
  4. When you see your street address, tap on it
  5. Tap the Mark as complete button
  6. An image of your street, and hopefully your house itself, should appear and will now become a constant reminder of the place you care about - if the location doesn’t appear correctly, you may need to tap the BACK button and try again 

A little bit more about you

This screen provides the opportunity to input your name and email. This helps us personalise your experience while using the app, and also allows us to communicate tips and helpful information to your email address. We promise you won’t receive many emails, and the ones you do will be tailored to how you’re using the app. Again, this step is optional. If you wish to skip this step, tap the Do later button before entering your in   formation. You can also choose to read the Red Cross privacy statement by tapping Read how information you include in your plan is used.

To enter your name and email address

  1. Tap the white Your Name box
  2. You can choose to enter just your first name, or your full name if you like
  3. Tap the white Email box
  4. Enter your full email address where you’d like to receive help and advice
  5. Tap the Mark as complete button 

After you enter your name and email address, a pop-up will ask you for permission for Get Prepared to send you notifications. We’ll only send you important messages relating to your emergency plan.

  1. Tap OK

Who should you consider in an emergency?

On this screen, you can select any of the loved ones you need to consider in an emergency: your partner, children, extended family, friends, neighbours, pets and/or livestock.

To select your loved ones

  1. Just tap on any of the boxes that are right for you - you will see a filled-in tick on each box you select
  2. Tap Mark as complete when finished
  3. You will see a screen displaying who you’ve selected - you can toggle these by tapping on any of the icons

Tap the Mark as complete button to proceed.

What hazards are most likely to affect you?

Think about all of the different places you frequent and the different events that might disrupt your life.

By choosing the 3 most likely to affect you, we are able to tailor your experience in the app and ensure you complete the most relevant tasks.

You can choose from: bushfire, flood, cyclone, storm, power outage, public disturbance, industrial accident or medical emergency.

Once you’ve chosen 3, tap Mark as complete to proceed.


What do you care most about?

Choose the one thing that is most important for you when making an emergency plan.

By choosing one, we are able to tailor your experience in the app and ensure you complete the most relevant tasks.

Once you’ve chosen 3, tap Mark as complete to proceed

Using the app

Once you’ve stepped through the app set-up screens, you will see that you have already made some good progress. Any of the steps that you completed in the set-up screens will appear as completed in your plan. 

Home screen 

Your home screen is the first screen you see once you’ve set-up the app. From here you can:

  • Complete the tasks in your plan
  • Assign your Key 3 contacts who can support you in an emergency
  • Share your plan with friends and family

On this screen, you can also edit the loved ones you are considering in your emergency planning by swiping right to ‘Who I care for’

My plan

Now it’s time to start completing the tasks on your Emergency plan. Click on To do on the bottom bar, and you’ll see a list of all the tasks recommended for you.

Making notes about a task 

The notes you add to your tasks can be shared with your loved ones later, so it’s important to ensure you add the right information.

  1. Tap on the To Do button in the bottom tab bar
  2. Tap on the task you want to add a note to
  3. If necessary, scroll down until you see the NOTES box 
  4. Tap on the white NOTES box and add your information (this could be the things you’ve already done for this task, instructions for family members, information about the location of important items, or important things like phone numbers, websites and other contact information)
  5. Your notes will always be available when you tap on that task again
  6. They’ll also appear in your final plan and pdf when you choose to print or share it.

Marking a task as complete

When you consider that you’ve completed all the steps required to complete a task, you can mark it as complete to move your progress meter along. 

  1. Tap on the To Do button in the bottom tab bar
  2. Tap on the task you want to mark as complete
  3. If necessary, scroll down until you see the red Mark as complete button
  4. Tap the Mark as complete button
  5. You will now see this task added to your completed list, and you’ll be taken to the next task in your list.

Marking a task as not-applicable

Some of the list items won't be relevant to you, and you may want to remove them from your tasks. We've made this easy with a simple swipe gesture.

  1. Tap on the To Do button in the bottom tab bar
  2. Locate the task you want to mark as not-applicable
  3. Either tap the x button at the right of the task card, or swipe from right to left across the task with one finger and a red NA button should appear
  4. Tap NA on the task
  5. You will now see a filled-in check box next to the task in your list, the task will be greyed-out, and the number of tasks completed at the top of the screen will increase
  6. If you change your mind and you’d like to complete the task, just swipe left and tap Undo

Setting reminders for a task

You may want to remind yourself to check on your emergency kit annually, or to scan your important documents when you get to work, or make an appointment with someone to get some paperwork sorted. We've made it easy to do this with the default Calendar app already installed on your device.

  1. Tap on the To Do button in the bottom tab bar
  2. Tap on the task you want to set a reminder for
  3. If necessary, scroll down until you see the red Set Reminder button
  4. Tap the Set Reminder button
  5. A pop-up will as you for permission to allow Get Prepared access to your Calendar
  6. Tap Allow
  7. The Calendar app will open and you will be asked to create a new event in your calendar
  8. Choose your date, time and location (if applicable), and make sure you set an alert so the app reminds you
  9. Once complete, click Add at the top right and the reminder will be set in your calendar.

Viewing a checklist for a task 

On some tasks, there are additional actions we recommend you can take. These additional actions are found in a checklist at the bottom of each task.

  1. Tap on the To Do button in the bottom tab bar
  2. Tap on the task you want to access a checklist for (note that this is not available for all tasks)
  3. If necessary, scroll down until you see the checklist items
  4. You’ll know it’s a checklist item if there’s a tick box on the left
  5. When you’ve completed the checklist item, tap the tick to mark it as complete

Share your plan as a PDF

If you've been taking notes in the app along the way, you can   share these with the important people in your life via text, email, or any other way you like to share PDFs.

  1. Tap on the My Plan button in the bottom tab bar or,
  2. Tap on the red Share my plan button on the home screen
  3. You’ll be taken to your emergency plan, with your personal contact information, completed tasks and notes
  4. Tap Share my plan on the top right
  5. Use the panel that appears to share your preparedness notes via PDF to nearby    devices, using apps already installed on your device, or using helpful related actions.
  6. AirDrop allows you to share the PDF with nearby devices 
  7. Apps allow you to send the PDF to a text message, email, note, or other apps you may have installed on your phone 
  8. Actions allow you to do things like copy, print, or save the PDF as a file on your device 

Your Key 3

You can access the Key 3 screen at any time to edit your support contacts, send a group message, or contact an individual contact directly. The Key 3 categories are:

  • Emotional support - someone to talk to when things get hard
  • Nearby help - someone nearby who is likely to help in an emergency
  • Lend a hand - someone who you can call on to give you a helping hand when you need 

To add a Key 3 contact

  1. Tap the Key 3 button in the bottom tab bar, or swipe left on the home screen
  2. Choose the type of support you want to nominate a contact for, by tapping one of the icons on the top of the screen
  3. Click ‘Add’ at the bottom right of the contact card
  4. You may need to give the app permission to access your address book - if you see an alert, tap OK to provide the app access  
  5. Either scroll your list until you find the contact you want, or tap 🔍 Search and type the name of the contact you are looking for
  6. When you find the contact you want, tap on the contact and you will see a ✔︎ icon appear
  7. You can add additional contacts for this category of your Key 3 if you need, just repeat steps 4 and 5
  8. Tap Done when complete
  9. Repeat steps 2 - 7 for the other categories of your Key 3

To remove a Key 3 contact

  1. Tap the Key 3 button in the bottom tab bar 
  2. Locate the contact you wish to remove
  3. Tap the Remove button at the button right of the screen

To send a group message to your Key 3

  1. Tap the Key 3 button in the bottom tab bar  
  2. Tap the 💬 Notify all button at the top-right of the screen 
  3. You will see a new message screen appear, with your Key 3 contacts listed at the top, and a pre-written text message written at the bottom - you can edit the recipients or the message here if you need.
    Note that Key 3 contacts without a mobile number listed as their primary number will not display here. 
  4. When you’re ready to send, tap the 

To message, call, video call or email a Key 3  contact

  1. Tap the Key 3 button in the bottom tab bar
  2. Locate the contact you want to get in touch with and tap Contact at the bottom left
  3. You will see the contact details appear, allowing you to send a message, make a phone call, or even video call or email the contact if you have the right details for them

More - About this app 

You can learn more about the app, how it was created, and where you can get help by tapping on the More button in the bottom tab bar.

Providing feedback

We’ve made it easy to provide feedback about the app using a  quick online quiz.

Alternatively, you can email suggestions and feedback to

Please consider rating and reviewing the app in the App Store to help others understand what the app does and what you think about it.

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