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Stress tips

The Australian Psychological Society have created this cute little video with tips on how to manage stress.

Meditation and sport

Cricket great, Justin Langer, talks about meditation and sport.

Love in a little town

A little film about a little town at the epicentre of a big earthquake.

Coffee and Japan

Yoshi Masuda shares his passion for coffee with survivors of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan. This is a beautiful film that shows how one person's passion offers compassion to his countrymen.

Dancing after the waters

These Bundaberg students found music and performance to express their flood experiences.

5 stories

The Age newspaper interviews five people affected by the bushfires in 2009, from a CFA volunteer to a man who witnessed the death of his family.

A birthday wish

Living through two floods in his home town of Wagga Wagga inspired Mark to join the local SES to help other people affected by emergencies.

Dealing with grief

It’s normal to grieve when you lose someone or something important to you. Everyone feels this in different ways. This video is about grieving and what might help you with your loss.

Strathewen: The community

Even the darkest events have positive elements.

Life on our ever-changing creek

Gabriel and Xavier live along the Adelong Creek in NSW, which flooded in 2011.

Supporting yourself after a natural disaster

There are ways to feel better and stronger again.

Learning to lend a hand

Living through a flood is scary for anyone, but when you’re a Mum, you’re under extra pressure.


Her life changed forever when her home was destroyed by fire.


Sam's 17 and loves living in the country.


This is Ash's story about the day of, and the days since, bushfires.

Luke's story

"The outreach volunteering I did is like mental health first-aid, it’s about checking that people are okay"

Preparedness - what would you take?

If you had to evacuate, what would you take?


At 18 years old, Kate's been through some huge changes.


Tim's been through floods and under extreme threat of bushfires.


Watch Elissa's story of Cyclone Larry.

Zan Rowe

Meet the lovely face behind the voice of our mp3 player!

Emergency health response in Haiti

Take a look at Red Cross in action in Haiti.


Check out Jess' project after disasters hit her hometown.


Lachie was 13 when a Category 5 cyclone created a waterfall in his two-storey house.


Amy volunteers with the Country Fire Authority and she loves it!


Kathi says big changes create the best opportunities.

Emergencies around the world

After a disaster rocked their tiny Mexican island, villagers want to improve their future.

Lisa Mitchell

Singer-songwriter Lisa Mitchell grew up in the country in an area that’s drought stricken and fire-prone. So she knows what it's like to live with the threat of bushfires.