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Lady Lawley Cottage: Services

Day programs and overnight residential respite care.

With more than 116 years of experience supporting children in Western Australia, Lady Lawley Cottage offers flexible services including:

Lady Lawley Cottage offers respite services throughout the year and can be flexible in order to meet the needs of every individual.

Our professional support team is equipped to apply specialist clinical and behaviour support strategies, ensuring that your child has a safe, happy and engaging stay whilst working towards the goals agreed upon in their individual plan.

High needs short-stay respite
Similar to our day and short-stay service, this provision is tailored to meet the needs of children with complex clinical support requirements. Our team of Registered and Enrolled Nurses works together with our residential support team to ensure that your child’s medical needs are well cared for throughout their stay and they are given plenty of support to meet the goals agreed upon in their individual plan.

As a flexible and adaptive service, Lady Lawley Cottage has the ability to respond to crisis in a timely and professional manner. We support young people through challenging times by providing a comforting and stable environment and ensuring that their health and emotional needs are maintained.

We provide high quality, specialised nursing support for children with complex medical needs and this includes hospital to home transitional care.

This service provides time for families to suitably prepare their home and become comfortable with new or changed support requirements and makes it easier for regionally-based children to attend follow-up appointments.

Lady Lawley Cottage can support children with complex medical needs in the home environment. As part of the High Needs Unit service, appropriately skilled staff work with the families and child to reach pre-determined goals and ensure optimal quality of life.

Our team of Registered Nurses can provide specialist training to parents and carers to prepare them for new or additional supports to meet the needs of the child or young person. This can be completed at Lady Lawley Cottage, or a nurse can visit the home to provide this service.

ASPIRED has been designed through a collaborative approach with Lady Lawley Cottage families who had identified challenges presented to young people when at school leaving age.

Available as a day or overnight service, ASPIRED offers groups of no more than four young people aged 16-23, supports from Tuesday to Thursday each week. The service is geared toward building capacity for independent living, social and community participation and peer to peer relationships. Participants are matched with appropriately skilled staff, who facilitate activities designed to encourage, build on, and achieve the individual’s planned goals.

ASPIRED is still in the early stages of delivery, we are working closely with families to identify how the service will develop to ensure we are meeting the needs of participants. Feedback to date has been very positive and we look forward to the development of this exciting new area of our service delivery.

We adopt a person centred approach for each individual child by implementing positive behaviour support strategies to improve a child's ability to interact and engage in activities of interest. Our Behaviour Support Therapist works with individual children and families towards agreed behavioural goals, and helps children exercise choice and control over their lives.

We understand the challenges of finding and coordinating the right mix of supports for your child. Lady Lawley Cottage can help you move through immediate challenges and coordinate the help you need from a range of sources by providing you with as much or as little assistance as you need.

We’ll help you understand your NDIS plan and assist you to set up Service Agreements with providers. We can also help you connect with disability supports, early learning services or schools, health providers, government departments, and respite services.

When you feel ready to direct your own support networks, we’ll also help you build the skills and confidence to do this.

Lady Lawley Cottage can assist you in managing your individual funding package in a range of ways. This can include providing you with information about the shared management model, assisting you with the decision to move to shared management, creating budgets for your supports, tracking expenditure and reporting service delivery to the Department of Communities/NDIS.

A member of our team will provide you with training on our shared management tracking tool which will allow you to instantly track expenditure and monitor your own budget.

At Lady Lawley Cottage we believe in adapting our services to create the right environment for your child to work towards achieving their desired outcomes.

Throughout the duration of a stay we offer varied, exciting and fun activities that include group outings; such as visits to the zoo, local parks and amusements, as well as centre based activities including arts and crafts, music therapy and sensory play.