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Lady Lawley Cottage

This program is no longer taking clients. Existing clients are in the process of transitioning to new providers in the area.

Lady Lawley Cottage is now closed to new clients and is transitioning current clients with the plan to close the service by the end of 2020.

The most important thing throughout this process will be to look after and support our clients and our Red Cross staff and volunteers. We are working directly with clients and their families to transition them to new providers and ensure the best possible outcome.

Late last year, Red Cross made a decision to focus our work in a smaller number of key areas where we can have the greatest impact. As Red Cross is not a specialist disability support provider, we are not able to have the greatest impact in this area.

We were preparing to close Lady Lawley by 2023 but recent challenges, most significantly the impact of COVID-19, have brought the closure forward the end of 2020.

From the end of May, Red Cross will begin supporting all our Lady Lawley Cottage clients and families to transition to new providers. Lady Lawley Cottage will close at the end of 2020. Through the process Red Cross is absolutely committed to maintaining the quality of services for clients.

In making this decision Red Cross acknowledges 117 years of providing important services. The decision to transition our clients is not a reflection of the amazing work at Lady Lawley Cottage over the decades, and the ongoing spirit and dedication of all involved.

There are many other excellent service providers in the region whose core business is care for children with disabilities, and children with disabilities transitioning to adulthood.

Many of our former clients have already moved to other providers since the introduction of the NDIS. The individualised service model has brought many more providers into the sector with significant resources, a focus on disability care, and they offer clients high quality and holistic services. We feel confident closing Lady Lawley Cottage because of the strong sector.

Red Cross is in contact with all our Lady Lawley Cottage clients, partners and supporters. If you have any questions please contact us by email or phone 08 9318 2160.