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Customer account application

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By clicking the submit button below, I hereby agree to and accept the following credit terms and conditions:

I accept Red Cross’ standard payment terms of 30 days from invoice date, unless I have a written contract with Red Cross that sets out a different payment term (in which case the written contract terms will apply).

I agree that these credit terms and conditions are in addition to the contract terms and conditions that apply to the supply of the goods or services. I give my consent to a credit search being made on me as owner/partner or director of this organisation both now and at any future date. I understand this search will be recorded by the agency and may be disclosed to subsequent enquirers. I agree that Red Cross may also conduct a credit search or make a credit report for me or any other person in line with the laws that apply to this.

Red Cross may refuse to supply any goods and/or services on credit until no such invoices are overdue. Any expenses incurred by Red Cross in recovering any outstanding monies will be payable by you.

I confirm that all information provided concerning the applicant in this Application is true and correct.

Australian Red Cross will manage the Customer’s personal information in accordance with Australian Red Cross’s Privacy Policy which is located at

I agree to advise Australian Red Cross in writing to of any change in any of the information provided.

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