When extreme becomes the new norm, we know where to start

Climate change means disasters are becoming more frequent and more intense.

This spring, Red Cross is getting ready to help local communities - no matter what the summer may bring.

Your support means that together we can be there before, during and after a disaster strikes anywhere in Australia.

Bill is one of 715 emergency response volunteers and team members who provided vital support during the Qld and NSW floods earlier this year.

For 12 straight hours on a cold, rainy night in Kyogle in February, Red Cross volunteer Bill helped people arriving at the evacuation centre - people forced to leave their homes after widespread flooding.

Most of them were overwhelmed, worried about their flooded homes, and arriving with only the clothes on their backs. Bill welcomed them, helped families with young children settle, handed out cups of tea and warm blankets, and sat and spoke with those in more distress, providing psychosocial first aid.

Some people were very hard to calm because it had just been too overwhelming. And some of those people had nothing,”

“One moment you’d be talking, and they’d calm down, the next moment they’d be needing a lot of attention again. But over a period of time most of them settled and that was great.

- Bill
  • $25 can provide a wellbeing check for someone who’s isolated or has been through a disaster
  • $50 can teach a child to prepare their own emergency kit with special and useful items
  • $150 can help us deliver a door-to-door support service, checking on residents who have been impacted by a disaster
  • $500 can help run an emergency operations centre to coordinate our volunteers

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