When extreme becomes the new norm, we know where to start


Did you know that this week is Emergency Ready Week? Emergencies can strike at anytime, anywhere and without warning. Across Australia, we are encouraging people to prepare for the upcoming season by being ready to protect themselves, the people they love and the things they value most. We know that preparation makes economic sense

Every $1 we spend on helping a community to get ready for disasters saves $5-$8 in recovery costs.

No one can deny that climate-related disasters in our region are becoming more frequent and intense, with those in our rural and regional communities most at risk. Red Cross has been part of the Australian community for over 100 years, supporting the needs of vulnerable people both in Australia and internationally.

The forecast is for another wet summer in Eastern Australia, and Red Cross teams are getting ready once again to support affected communities.

Our teams and volunteers help tens of thousands of people each year through some of the worst days of their lives. To help keep teams on the ground before, during and after a disaster, we rely on the support of our generous donors. Your considered donation means we can recruit and train new volunteers, provide comfort in evacuation centres and stay in communities to help them recover.

Your gift of $1300 means we can equip 10 team leaders with an emergency activation kit, so they are ready to set up an evacuation or recovery centre.

Your donation of $5,405 could cover the cost of one day’s emergency response operations*during a disaster.  

Your philanthropic spending of $7575.50 will help a staff member to be deployed for one month to support communities during the response phase following an emergency event.  

*based on the total cost of emergency operations for Northern Rivers 2022 (not-inclusive of ongoing recovery programs).

In 2017 a major flooding incident saw the small rural town of Byrrill Creek in Northern NSW cut off from supplies and communications. Local resident Natascha decided to take action to make sure her community was better prepared. Today, the veteran of numerous flooding and emergency incidents, she leads the Community Resilience Team, a Red Cross programme which supports rural communities to be prepared for emergencies.

Image: Natascha and Byrrill Creek locals Holly and Kaz deliver food and supplies to community members during the floods
The Red Cross Community Resilience Team in Byrrill Creek is essential for preparing our community for disaster. We provide information about how to prepare for bushfires, for floods, and for pandemic even. We provide a communication centre and hub for the community to bring their information to me, and then I then send it out to the rescue and recovery organisations that are out there and ready to assist.

Stay safe this disaster season, and thank you, for acting for humanity. 

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