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The Season of Giving starts here with you

Your kindness and generosity today can make a vital difference for people in tough times.

Let people know they don't have to cope alone

Across Australia, many people are struggling to get by right now as they face hardships they never expected.

Not only is the climate crisis causing more frequent and intense disasters, but many people are also finding it more difficult to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. They urgently need your support.

Thanks to generous people like you, our teams can be there for those hit hardest by disaster, crisis and isolation, providing essential practical and emotional support. Because you care, we can go wherever the needs are greatest.

The simple truth is we can’t do what we do, without people like you.

Together, this Season of Giving, we have the chance to make a difference. No matter what the crisis. No matter how hard the challenges.

Your generosity today can let people know they don't have to cope alone.

Your kindness and generosity today can make a vital difference for people in tough times.



could pay for hot, healthy meals for young people sleeping rough



could help provide welfare phone calls to older, isolated people, helping them to feel safe, connected and valued



could help provide hygiene kits to those affected by disaster overseas



could help run an emergency operations centre to coordinate our volunteers in a disaster in Australia

About your donation to Australian Red Cross

Your donation will help Australian Red Cross support the most vulnerable people in our local communities in Australia and across the Asia Pacific.

Your gift will go to help wherever the needs are greatest. It could give:

  • A nutritious meal for young people facing homelessness
  • Companionship to older people who are isolated and alone
  • Emotional and practical support to people hit by disaster this summer
  • Emergency financial aid for a family who fled conflict overseas

Every year someone in our communities needs help from the Australian Red Cross every 90 seconds.

Last year, here's what supporters like you made possible:

  • More than 324,00 people during and after disasters in Australia
  • 33 emergency activations around the country
  • Emergency financial aid to more than 3,820 people made vulnerable by migration
  • 153,000+ meals delivered to older people
  • 66 Australian international aid workers were deployed to help in 33 countries
Yes, donations over $2 are tax-deductible in Australia. You will receive a receipt in your name.

If you donate to an organisation classified as a ‘deductible gift recipient’ (like Australian Red Cross), you can claim a tax deduction on your tax return for that year for your donation. Donating to a deductible gift recipient will likely reduce your overall taxable income, which in turn may reduce the amount of tax you are required to pay.

You must donate at least $2 and keep proof in the form of a receipt or bank statement. When you donate to Australian Red Cross, we’ll send you a tax receipt. The more you donate, the more you may claim back. Find out more information.

Every day, people like you are helping to make a real difference in the lives of those who are vulnerable through our regular giving program. Our regular givers support our work by automatically donating every four weeks, either by credit card or direct debit. Their ongoing support means we can be there for people facing crisis in Australia and beyond for years to come.
We would love to help you and answer any questions. Please call 1800 733 276 or email contactus@redcross.org.au. Please don’t include your credit card details in your email for security reasons.

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