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There has never been a better time to enter a Red Cross raffle! Give yourself a chance to win big and feel confident that your funds support vital Red Cross work. Your kindness helps us to bring comfort and care to people facing poverty, homelessness, loneliness or disadvantage. It’s the kind of raffle where everyone wins – and you could be next to take home the cash prize.


National Raffle 51

Drawn: 23rd December 2020 First Prize: 69989 (J of VIC 3020)
Early Bird Winner: J of VIC 3934
Credit Card Bonus Winner: R of VIC 3146
Monthly Supporter Winner: L of VIC 3758
Regular Raffle Supporter Winner: L of QLD 4163
Winners notified.

National Raffle 50

Drawn: 30th October 2020 First Prize: 13400 (D of NSW 2358)
Early Bird Winner: M of NSW 2575
Credit Card Bonus Winner: M of NSW 2570
Monthly Supporter Winner: C of NSW 2223
Regular Raffle Supporter Winner: J of QLD 4226
Winners notified.

Western Australia Raffle 40

Drawn: 22nd October 2020
1st prize winner: 22770
Early Bird Bonus winner: 100077
Winners notified.

National Raffle 49

Drawn: 31st August 2020 First Prize: 1479 (G of NSW 2170)
Early Bird Winner: G of VIC 3318
Credit Card Bonus Winner: M of VIC 3193
Monthly Supporter Winner: N of QLD 4017
Regular Raffle Supporter Winner: C of VIC 3082
Winners notified.

National Raffle 48

Drawn: 29th June 2020 First Prize: 16269 (J of VIC 3199)
Early Bird Winner: J of NSW 2041
Credit Card Bonus Winner: J of NSW 2233
Monthly Supporter Winner: A of NSW 2000
Regular Raffle Supporter Winner: D of QLD 4059
Winners notified.

Western Australia Raffle 39

Drawn: 25th June 2020
1st prize winner: 29200
Early Bird Bonus winner: 14764
Winners notified.

National Raffle 47

Drawn: 29th April 2020 First Prize: 16581 (D of NSW 2530)
Early Bird Winner: G of QLD 4563
Credit Card Bonus Winner: K of NSW 2112
Monthly Supporter Winner: N of VIC 3187
Regular Raffle Supporter Winner: M of NSW 2705
Winners notified.

National Raffle 46

Drawn: 27th February 2020
First Prize: 9599 (R of NSW 2088)
Early Bird Winner: R of NSW 2513
Credit Card Bonus Winner: K of TAS 7004
Monthly Supporter Winner: R of QLD 4700
Regular Raffle Supporter Winner: K of VIC 3730
Winners notified.

Western Australia Raffle 38

Drawn: 21st February 2020
1st prize winner: 19031
Early Bird Bonus winner: 52616
Winners notified.

National Raffle 45

Drawn: 18th December 2019
First Prize: 744208 (G of VIC 3147)
Early Bird Winner: J of NSW 2713
Credit Card Bonus Winner: P of NSW 2107
Monthly Supporter Winner: M of VIC 3124
Regular Raffle Supporter Winner: P of VIC 3081
Winners notified.

National Raffle 44

Drawn: 26th September 2019
First Prize: 12934 (M of NSW 2370)
Early Bird Winner: F of NSW 2144
Credit Card Bonus Winner: L of NSW 2478
Monthly Supporter Winner: K of TAS 7316
Regular Raffle Supporter Winner: M of TAS 7054
Winners notified.

Western Australia Raffle 37

Drawn: 25th October 2019
1st prize winner: 57178
Early Bird Bonus winner: 12536
Winners notified.

Western Australia Raffle 36

Drawn: 28th June 2019
1st prize winner: 56636
Early Bird Bonus winner: 22909
Winners notified.

National Raffle 43

Drawn: 28th June 2019
First Prize: 707758 (N of NSW 2452)
Early Bird Winner: S from NSW 2830
Credit Card Bonus Winner: S from NSW 2069
Monthly Supporter Winner: M from NSW 2233
Regular Raffle Supporter Winner: L from NSW 2164
Winners notified.

National Raffle 42

Drawn: Monday 29 April 2019
First Prize: 15066 (Mrs I of NSW 2066)
Monthly Bonus Prize: G of QLD 4515
Early Bird Draw: 723833 (V of NSW 2125)
Credit Card Bonus Prize: G of QLD 4007
Regular Raffle Prize: M of ACT 2614
Winners notified

National Premium Raffle 4

Drawn: Thursday 28 February 2019 
First winner: 12535 (J of Somers, VIC 3927) 
Second winner: 26975 (M of Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153) 
Winners notified 

WA Raffle 35

Drawn: Friday 1 March 2019 
First Winner: 18199 (C of South Perth, WA 6151) 
Early Bird Winner: 71202 (P of East Fremantle, WA 6158) 
Winners notified

National Raffle 41

Drawn: Monday 21 December 2018

First Prize: 77715 (P of Pittsworth QLD 4356)
Monthly Bonus Prize: D from Dunnydoo NSW 2844
Early Bird Draw: C from Unanderra NSW 2526
Credit Card Bonus Prize: B from Upper Lockyer QLD 4352
Regular Raffle Prize: M from Milawa VIC 3678
Winners notified

National Raffle 40

Drawn: Monday 29 October 2018

First Winner: 87119 (A & A of Balwyn North VIC 3104)
Monthly Raffle Prize Winner: C from Crestwood NSW 2620
Regular Raffle Prize Winner: M from Bentleigh VIC 3204
Credit Card Bonus Winner: J from Korumburra VIC 3950
Early Bird Winner: J from Kyogle NSW 2474
Winners notified

WA Raffle 34

Drawn: Friday 26 October 2018
First Winner: 15549 (F of Mount Pleasant, WA 6153)
Early Bird Winner: 022035 (M of Churchlands, WA 6018)
Winners notified

National Raffle 39

Drawn: Monday 23 July 2018

First Winner: 306063 (L of Bonnyrigg NSW 2177)
Monthly Raffle Prize Winner: T from West End QLD 4101
Regular Raffle Prize Winner: A from Norwood SA 5067
Credit Card Bonus Winner: C from Padstow NSW 2211
Early Bird Winner: N from Ironbark QLD 4306
Winners notified

WA Raffle 33

Drawn: Friday 29 June 2018
First Winner: 57795 (G of Gewlup, WA 6018)
Early Bird Winner: 18952 (J of Bullcreek, WA 6149)
Winners notified

National Premium Raffle 3

Drawn: Monday 25 June 2018

First Winner: 2762 (R of Pimpinio VIC 3401)
Second Winner: 656 (R of Windsor QLD 4030)
Winners notified

National Raffle 38

Drawn: Monday 4 June 2018

First Winner: 262837 (E of Cessnock NSW 2325)
Monthly Raffle Prize Winner: B from Gunnedah NSW 2380
Regular Raffle Prize Winner: P from Hawthorndene SA 5051
Credit Card Bonus Winner: R from Malvern East VIC 3145
Early Bird Winner: K from Mcdowall QLD 4053
Winners notified

National Raffle 37

Drawn: Monday 17 April 2018

First Winner: 86031 (E of Tryon Rd NSW 2070)
Monthly Raffle Prize Winner: M of Flagstaff Hill SA 5159
Regular Raffle Prize Winner: J of Winston Hills NSW 2153
Credit Card Bonus Winner: Z of Burwood NSW 1805
Early Bird Winner: L of Ringwood VIC 3134
Winners notified

National Raffle 36

Drawn: Monday 26 February 2018
First Winner: 49202 (O of Deer Park, VIC 3023)
Monthly Raffle Prize Winner: Peter of Burnett Heads, QLD 4670
Regular Raffle Prize Winner: Margaret of Horsham, VIC 3400
Credit Card Bonus Winner: Kevin of Redwood Park, SA 5097
Early Bird Winner: Jillian of Emerald, VIC 3782
Winners notified

WA Raffle 32

Drawn: Friday 23 February 2018
First Winner: 51248 (L of Eaton, WA 6232)
Early Bird Winner: 17660 (B of Mirrabooka, WA 6061)
Winners notified

National Raffle 35

Drawn: Monday 8 January 2018
First Winner: 57927 (J of Peregian Beach, QLD 4573)
Monthly Raffle Prize Winner: Patricia of Kyabram, VIC 3620
Regular Raffle Prize Winner: Mr & Mrs Grace of Wantirna South, VIC 3152
Credit Card Bonus Winner: Joan of Korumburra, VIC 3950
Early Bird Winner: Merna of Meningie, SA 5264
Winners notified

National Premium Raffle 2 πŸŽ…

Drawn: Friday 22 December 2017 
First winner: 3819 (P of Sussex Inlet, NSW 2540)
Second winner: 4405 (D of Norland, VIC 3214)
Winners notified

National Raffle 34

Drawn: Monday 13 November 2017 
First Winner: 174350 (M of Wyoming, NSW 2250)
Regular Raffle Prize Winner: Richard of Coorparoo, QLD 4151
Credit Card Bonus Winner: Pat of Arrawarra, NSW 2456
Early Bird Winner: Anthony of Sefton Park, SA 5083
Winners notified

WA Raffle 31

Drawn: Friday 20 October 2017
First Winner: 43818 (N of Bunbury, WA 6230)
Early Bird Winner: 78239 (H of Gooseberry Hill, WA 6076)
Winners notified

National Premium Raffle 1

Drawn: Friday 20 October 2017
First winner: 4114 (M of Altona North, VIC 3025)
Second winner:  633 (E of Somerton Park, SA 5044)
Winners notified

National Raffle 33

Drawn: Monday 18 September 2017 
First Winner: 159415 (R of Maroochydore, QLD 4558)
Regular Raffle Prize Winner: Jean of Bowning, NSW 2582
Credit Card Bonus Winner: Marcello of Fawkner, VIC 3060 
Early Bird Winner: Winsome of Toowoomba, QLD 4350
Winners notified

National Raffle 32

Drawn: Monday 24 July 2017
First Winner: 172434 (P of Wee Waa, NSW 2388) 
Regular Raffle Supporter's Prize: Theresa of Lara, VIC 3212 
Credit Card Bonus: Mr & Mrs Tucker of McKinnon, VIC 3204 
Early Bird Winner: Richard of Mornington, VIC 3931
Winners notified

WA Raffle 30

Drawn: Friday 16 June 2017
First Winner: 63363 (V of Wembley, WA 6014)
Early Bird Winner: 54069 (D of Wonthella, WA 6530)
Winners notified

National Raffle 31

Drawn: Monday 29 May 2017
First Winner: 142135 (R of Sunbury, VIC 3429) 
Regular Raffle Supporter's Prize: 10893 (N of Ironbark, QLD 4306) 
Credit Card Bonus: 62202 (L of Glanville, SA 5015) 
Early Bird Winner: Michael of Cowes, VIC 3922
Winners notified

National Raffle 30

Drawn: Monday 3 April 2017
First Winner: 468286 (W of Glenbrook, NSW 2773) 
Regular Raffle Supporter's Prize: 27619 (E&M of Arana, QLD 4054) 
Credit Card Bonus: 285576 (T of Nimbin, NSW 2480) 
Early Bird Winner: 264880 (R of Everton Park, QLD 4053) 
Big Player Bonus: 330324 (B of Melbourne, VIC 3207)
Winners notified

WA Raffle 29

Drawn: Friday 24 February 2017 
First Winner: 012336, R Castle, Carlisle 6101 
Early Bird Winner: R Anderson, Dunsborough 6281 
Credit Card Bonus: A White, Kingsley 6026
Winners notified

National Raffle 29

Drawn: Monday 6th February 2017 
First Winner: 390965 (E of Ingleside, NSW 2101)
Regular Raffle Supporter's Prize: 42356 (K of Mornington, VIC 3931)
Credit Card Bonus: 488970 (B of Baromi, VIC 3871)
Early Bird Winner: 138375 (B of Blackmans Bay, TAS 7052)
Winners notified

National Raffle 28

Drawn: Monday 12th December 2016
First Winner: 16253 (K of Wodonga, VIC 3690)
Early Bird Winner: 548537 (B of Winchelsea, VIC 3241)
Regular Raffle Supporter's Prize: 3091 (P of Currie, TAS 7256)
Credit Card Bonus: 356431 (D of Cooroibah, QLD 4565)
Winners notified

National Raffle 27

Drawn: Monday 17th October 2016 
First Winner: 303315 (C of Hounville, TAS 7109)
Early Bird Winner: 259951 (D of Oakey, QLD 4401) 
Regular Raffle Supporter's Prize: 66459 (R & S of Stanthorpe, QLD 4380)
Winners notified

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