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Jobs in Jeopardy Assistance

Jobs in Jeopardy Assistance is a free service which helps employees at risk of losing their job as a result of illness, injury or disability and who may not be eligible for WorkCover or sickness benefits entitlements.

The program aims to help employees and employers work through problems and find mutually beneficial solutions in order to keep employees in their current roles.

For employers

Red Cross Employment Services can help you retain staff and allow employees to continue in their present workplace.

We recognise the impact that losing experienced staff to injury or illness can have on an organisation. In addition to the costs of recruiting and training new staff, there is also the lost knowledge to the business and its clients.

If you have an employee that has a health condition, injury or disability which is impacting their ability to maintain their normal hours at work, they may be able to access tailored face-to-face support and training to help them keep their job.

On-the-job Support

An experienced consultant will work with you to ensure you continue working with your current employee.

On-the-job Support could include:

  • a comprehensive workplace assessment
  • free workplace modifications or special equipment
  • advice about job redesign
  • training to support job retention
  • financial assistance to access allied health related interventions

For job seekers

If you are at risk of losing your job because of illness, injury or disability, we can help you by seeing what can be done to keep you with your current employer. The program does not help you find a new job.

It is free and available through direct registration with a Disability Employment Provider. You do not need to be receiving a payment from the Department of Human Services or have an Employment Services Assessment to access Job in Jeopardy assistance.

Through a Disability Employment Provider, Jobs in Jeopardy Assistance may include:

  • advice about redesigning your job so you can keep working
  • having your workplace assessed to see how it can be changed to make it easier for you to work
  • accessing specialised equipment to help you do your job
  • access to financial assistance to access allied health interventions

To be eligible, you must have been employed for at least eight hours a week on average over the last 13 weeks, and not receiving assistance from a Disability Employment Services Provider.

For more information on Jobs in Jeopardy, please contact Red Cross Employment Services on 1300 2 EMPLOY

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