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Companionship and social support

Companionship and social support to connect you to your community

Services available in ACT, NSW, SA, TAS, VIC and WA

Having good social connections is essential for all aspects of your health, especially as you age. Red Cross can support you to improve your social connections and connect with your community for your wellbeing. An outing or a chat over a cup of coffee with a caring and friendly volunteer could become a highlight of your week, and give you the confidence to meet new people. 

Is this program for you? 

These companion care services are for people who are not in regular social contact with other people. 

  • Older people who live alone (including people on home care packages or living in an aged care or nusring home) 
  • Elderly and older people who have few social connections outside home 
  • People with disability 
  • People recovering from mental illness.

About the service 

Red Cross social connection programs are part of the Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) and can support you and link you to other people and your community. Programs include home visits, social outings, group activities, peer support and social phone calls. 

Many programs will match you with a volunteer based on your interests and values, to be your companion so you can build up a friendship over time.

Activities might include: 

  • taking part in community interest groups 
  • outings to cafes, galleries, the footy or other places of interest 
  • going for a walk 
  • friendly in-home visits 
  • a regular social chat on the phone.

This Community Visitors Scheme service is available through both the National Disability and Insurance Scheme (NDIS) (except NSW) and My Aged Care.

For enquiries relating to volunteering with elderly and vulnerable people, please visit Volunteering.

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