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We’ve wrapped up hope in our real good gifts.

When you buy a real good gift, you give people in need a tangible reason to celebrate the festive season. Your gift keeps on giving – and it certainly won’t be re-gifted.

A phone call on Christmas Day

Brighten the day of four people who are elderly and live alone.

Chooks for a family

An egg-cellent source of nutrition and a sustainable income for one family in Timor Leste.

Warm blanket

Comfort for someone whose life’s been turned upside down by a cyclone, flood or earthquake.


When you've lost everything in a disaster, preparing a meal with your family can make it feel like home again.

A friendly visit for someone who lives alone

Connect someone with a Red Cross visitor for a month.

Emergency supplies

Food, clothing and somewhere to stay for an Aussie family who's lost everything in an emergency.

Music player

An mp3 music player, loaded with useful information and music, can mean so much to a young person who’s lost everything in an emergency.

A tap

Connect a community with clean water and save locals hours of walking to collect it.

Two solar lanterns

This gift of light helps children study and woman feel safer.

Water storage tank

Give a 3,000 litre concrete water tank and change lives.

Daily phone calls for someone who's lonely

Help us check they're OK, every day for a month.

A shoulder to lean on

Help deliver a door-to-door support service, and a shoulder to lean on, to a community in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Transport for the sick or elderly

Help them get to a medical appointment.

Support a family during an emergency

Help support a family evacuated from their home during an emergency.

Basic hygiene kit

Soap, toothpaste, toilet paper - the essentials for people who've survived a disaster with nothing but the clothes on their back.

A year's worth of reusable sanitary pads

A year’s supply of reusable sanitary pads for an adolescent girl or woman.

A hot, healthy meal

Offer comfort to a young person sleeping rough.

Driver’s license

Help someone beat life’s challenges and get their driver’s license.

Public transport card

The only way many of our asylum seekers clients can get to their job interviews.

Food on the table

Give a grocery voucher to a refugee family.

Letters from a loved one

Help families stay in touch when communication is cut off by war or disaster.

A mentor and a second chance

Help a young person about to leave the prison system start fresh, and avoid reoffending.

Leadership camp

Help a young Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person to find their voice.

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