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The power of you

When life’s problems hit, the small things can make the biggest difference.

Donate today and you can kick-start many small acts of kindness to lift people up in tough times. Your donation will bring comfort and restore strength and hope:

  • in Australian homes where loneliness is dispelled by a phone call
  • in neighbourhoods where families try hard to make ends meet
  • in communities across the Asia-Pacific when a disaster hits

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over and the life-changing support we provide continues, unabated, during this crisis and those yet to come. You have the power to keep it going.

Please make a tax-deductible donation before June 30.

The power of connection

Across Australia we’re reaching out to people who have been left isolated and vulnerable by this pandemic. Daily welfare calls are an essential service we’ve always provided – and right now they matter more than ever.

Volunteer Sandy has phoned hundreds of people in mandatory isolation. "Sometimes this is the only contact they have with the outside world," he says."It's letting them know somebody cares."

Every year, we make more than a million calls to people who are elderly and on their own. We’ve scaled that up to make more than 100,000 calls each month to people who are isolated or doing it extra tough during the pandemic.

Donate now

Life-changing support you can make possible

The power of a cuppa

Over a comforting cuppa at an evacuation centre, we were there for Marianne who had spent weeks on the road outrunning this summer’s bushfires. We found her a safe place to sleep, we let her know she wasn’t alone and helped her work out a plan.

The power of a photograph

Red Cross teams search for people who go missing in war, conflict, disaster and migration. We search the world to find answers for the relatives left behind. “People tell me when we find a loved one … how it makes them feel whole again, their heart is full,” says Field Officer Anjali.

The power of education

When a deadly measles outbreak swept through Samoa Red Cross volunteers were on the frontline showing people how to protect themselves. Today Red Cross teams in the Pacific are helping their communities to safe stay during COVID-19.

The Power of You

Your donation will help Red Cross support the most vulnerable people in our local communities, here in Australia and across the Asia Pacific.


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