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Kindness has a ripple effect

Andrew is one of our volunteers. He moved to Australia from the Philippines and found that through Red Cross, he was able to make friends and find purpose as he fit into his new community.

When Andrew and his family first moved to Australia, they felt very alone.

“When we moved here, it was a big change. Our family back home is very close but we didn’t know anyone here,” he said.

“Back in the Philippines I studied medicine but when I came to Australia they didn’t recognise my prior education. I wasn’t studying. I didn’t have work. That was really hard because I was the new person in the community and I needed to find a way to fit into the group.”

Andrew became one of our volunteers and now his Red Cross friends are like a second family.

“Feeling like I was part of something was a massive support for me. Even though I might not change an entire community, I can change someone’s life and that will have a ripple effect. I think ordinary people can make a big difference through simple acts.”

We think so too! Whether you’re a volunteer, or whether you give a kind donation, Red Cross is all about harnessing the power of humanity to bring more good to our world.

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