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A daily phone call for peace of mind

Your support has made a world of difference to Lee’s health and wellbeing. Thank you

When Lee was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, living solo wasn’t safe anymore. It was even harder when he moved to the Blue Mountains.

With few friends nearby, Lee was worried a fall could have serious consequences. Thankfully, he discovered we could help. Our volunteers phone Lee every day, giving him the confidence to live independently.

“If I had fallen not knowing anyone up here, it would have had quite terrible consequences. The result of being able to ring every day for security ... it took a big worry off my shoulders,” he says.

“You’ve got a friend at the other end of the phone. I can’t imagine anyone being more private than I am … but nevertheless, that has made an enormous difference.”

Thanks to people like you, thousands of Australians who live alone and are at risk of an accident or illness receive a daily phone call. If the call goes unanswered, our volunteers follow up to make sure everything is okay. Up to 1,000 times a year, we raise the alarm when someone is ill or injured. Thank you for helping us save lives.

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