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On duty at police interviews

Rhonda is on call around the clock as a volunteer with one of our youth justice...

Mary a Red Cross volunteer in Adelaide

No barriers to helping

Mary Edwards is known around the Red Cross office in Adelaide for her beaming smile...

Saeed a Red Cross volunteer

Sharing expertise in the community

Using his expertise as a horticulturalist, Saeed spends his Saturday mornings...

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Damaged property from Cyclone Winston.

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Refugee mother and daughter.

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For 70 years, we’ve been shaking the tin for good together. This March, it’s your time to shine! Register now and volunteer for Red Cross...

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Rosaria is an aid worker running a men’s group in a simple open-plan bamboo and tarpaulin structure in a Bangladesh refugee camp. Men at...

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"This week is a huge reminder that it’s never too late or too early to prepare for an emergency.” – said one of our Emergency Services...

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This March, we're calling on you to get involved in Red Cross Calling. Register now:

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Will 2018 be the year you join your fellow #Australians, roll up your sleeves and #volunteer?

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Get into character! We’ve been working with Sydney Theatre Company to provide new migrants and refugees with a fun way to learn English...

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Elisha was feeling disheartened from the ongoing rejection while looking for work, but then he discovered the InWork Australia program at...

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#StoriesOfLife ”I speak four languages,” says Sirwan. “So I help people register at the Red Cross clinic and let them know about...

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I am Stephania. This is my story

The hammering on the door as gun-wielding militia came to arrest Stephania's husband would change her life forever. Left behind with three young children, she had no choice but to flee her home and search for a better life.

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Help refugees, asylum seekers and their families suffering hardship, struggling without life's essentials or social supports in Australia.

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How does Red Cross help?

Red Cross works closely with asylum seekers and refugees in Australia, people like you and me, who are often facing the most vulnerable times of their lives.

  • We work with people regardless of how they arrived in Australia or their immigration status.

  • We offer group education and information to ease the transition into Australia.

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