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Families have lived through seven years of conflict. They need medical care, shelter and food to keep going.

Your donations will help them.

We’ve heard the figures before. Hundreds of thousands killed, millions displaced, 13 million people needing aid to survive.

But behind these figures are stories of survival that your help made possible.

Aid deliveries of food and medicine to families trapped in besieged areas. Mobile medical clinics that treat wounds and everyday illnesses. Parents able to give their kids a warm place to sleep at night, with blankets and winter clothing. Hygiene items that help women and girls protect their dignity.

Families restarting their lives, both inside Syria and neighbouring countries through cash grants, livestock, seeds and job skills training. Men, women and children given a listening ear and someone to talk to, to help them survive trauma.

This conflict is far from over. But with your help, people can endure it.

No crisis is too big to ignore

Help Syria's families survive

How are donation funds from the Syria Crisis Appeal used?

In 2017 donations provided;

  • 300,000 people with life-saving medical aid through 15 static clinics, 11 mobile health units and 10 health points

  • 380,000 people with food

  • 700,093 people with emergency aid items such as kitchen sets, hygiene kits, mattresses, blankets and shelter items

  • 6,666 families with agricultural support, seeds, tools and livestock

  • Psychosocial support for those who have experienced trauma

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