How you helped in 2016

Health care

Bought a mobile health clinic and stocked it with medicines


Specialist medicines to treat mental illness related to conflict

Food Aid

$100,000 worth of emergency food parcels

Emergency cash

Emergency cash to help 352 Syrian refugee families pay their bills

Safe Drinking Water

Specialist support to fix, maintain and provide clean water supply systems

Stories from Syria


Surviving Madaya

Khaled Naanaa found himself trapped in a city under siege. He taught himself surgery using YouTube clips to treat injured people, and endured hunger and deprivation until an aid convoy reached the town.

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Helping their neighbours survive

Meet four people who put their lives on the line so their neighbours have a chance.

Local heroes of Syria
Sixth year

The sixth year of the crisis

This past year was characterised by immense human suffering, starvation and indiscriminate attacks on civilians and those trying to help them. Even so, aid reached besieged towns and civilians were evacuated in the midst of raging battles.

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The laws of war save lives
Every aid truck that gets through, every civilian evacuated is proof

We call on all parties to every conflict to protect civilians, respect the red cross and red crescent emblems, and let us do our work in safety.

Clinic in crisis

Dr Shamal has been the medical director of Syrian Arab Red Crescent clinic in Ghouta since October 2010. The clinic, supported by IFRC, provides a range of services including paediatrics, gynaecology and dental services.

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Zgaab's story
"We want to go back, but everything's destroyed"

Zgaab is a father of 10 from Raqqa. He recently shared the experiences he and his family faced whilst fleeing from Syria to Lebanon.

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The laws of war save lives every day. Discover what they mean.

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