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Make this a season of belonging for everyone

You’re about to make a real difference in someone’s life


Everyone wants to belong, especially this time of year. But for many, it’s the season for putting on a brave smile while coping with hard times, loneliness and isolation.

That’s why your donation is so important. It will provide comfort, hope, healing and dignity when people need them most.

It could be a family recovering from a bushfire or Aussie farmer battling drought, an elderly person living alone and feeling isolated, or a newly-arrived refugee trying to make ends meet at Christmas.

Your donation tells them that they matter and you care.

Thank you.

Hope through the big dry

Sue is among many Aussie farmers battling severe drought. While she's hoping for drought-breaking rain, Sue's making sure no one is doing it tough alone.

Dignity for lost loved ones

In the Congo, Red Cross volunteers are the last line of defence against the spread of Ebola. They are conducting Safe and Dignified burials, screening for symptoms at borders and educating communities on how to stay safe.

Healing to make a home

Elie's earliest childhood memories are of fleeing violence and persecution. Now, Elie is giving back to his community because he knows the struggles of starting over while healing from the past.

Comfort in lonely times

A good yarn keeps Aunty Carol connected to community and to culture. Now, the proud Kamilaroi Elder is sharing her stories and wisdom with a new generation of women.

Season of Belonging 2019

Your donation to Red Cross will reach the people we support here in Australia and around the world, bringing hope, comfort, healing and dignity.


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