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Red Talks

You’re invited to an exclusive event

We want you to meet the people whose work you’ve helped make possible. Come along to this exciting event and hear stories from the people behind the crises in the news.


The Speakers

Anton Stavreas, from Red Cross Justice Programs, tells how an innovative first aid program is changing prison culture.

Ella Sutton, National Program Officer for Trafficking, Forced Labour & Forced Marriage Officer discusses modern slavery, the extent of human rights abuses in Australia and how Red Cross helps the survivors.

Senior Manager from Red Cross Emergency Services, Diana Bernardi, talks about the drought and recent bushfires - what we’ve done and what we’re doing now.


CBA, Level 19, Tower 1, 201 Sussex Street

Darling Park, Sydney



Tuesday 22 October 2019

3pm for a 3.15pm start, to 5pm