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A friendly check in – in the wake of disaster

After Cyclone Debbie hit, John’s life was turned upside down with the record-breaking floods that swept his small business. While John admits it takes a lot to shake him up, Red Cross emergency volunteer Tammy checked in on him – and gave him support when he needed it most. 

“To know someone who knows their stuff and is prepared to take the time to see how you’re going – that helps,” he says. “It’s just something that in the big scheme of things, gives you the oomph to know that someone’s there are they do care.”

Since the floods in March 2017, Red Cross emergency services staff have provided personal support and practical assistance at events, community hubs and carried out door-to-door outreach. John admits these kinds of outreach made a difference in his recovery. Thanks to donations, Red Cross has been able to appoint a community recovery coordinator in the region. 

Donations to Red Cross help our Emergency Services team to train staff and volunteers to be ready to respond as soon as disaster strikes in Australia and overseas; teach and support communities in disaster-prone regions to better prepare for disasters; help affected communities recover; maintain stocks of critical disaster response equipment including water filtration, shelter, hygiene and cooking kits for use in an emergency.

Red Cross partners with communities before, during and after emergencies, helping people to build their resilience. 

Jean's story

Genocide forced Jean to flee Rwanda as a child, and as a lawyer, his life in Africa was threatened. He fled to Australia for safety – and is thankful a local couple for helping him settle.

Jan's story

When Jan was diagnosed with cancer, she drove the arduous trip to and from hospital herself. But exhausted and nauseated from chemo, it soon became impossible. Relief came in the form of a friendly driver from the Red Cross patient driver service.

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