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Journey for a brighter future

When Nur’s village in Myanmar came under persistent attack, she and her husband made the decision to flee with their five children.

They left their home in such a hurry they could only carry a few precious items. For eight days they journeyed, travelling under cover of darkness, stopping to beg for food, occasionally eating the leaves off the trees just to put something in their empty stomachs.

Like thousands of families from Myanmar, Nur and her family found relative safety in a refugee camp on the border of Bangladesh.

When we arrived, the only place we could collect water from was around two hours walk away. There were long lines of people waiting and collecting water took much of the day.


Red Cross teams working in the camp helped connect Nur and her family with life’s essentials – health care, a tap for clean running water and food and shelter.

“My dreams for my children’s future are closer now. My children fill my heart with joy because here, all the hopes I had before seem more real now that there is more chance of achieving my goals.”

In the aftermath of disaster and crisis, people urgently need health care, clean water and a dry place to sleep.

With the support of generous Australians like you, Red Cross can have trained teams ready to provide first aid and health care, put up shelters and install water supply systems, and distribute everyday essentials like food, soap and hygiene products

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