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Is your school in for Red Cross Calling?

Join in for an exciting new nation-wide schools event in March 2019

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How Red Cross Calling helps

We know students want to do good and find ways they can have an impact in the world. We also know that when we all join together, we can make a big difference for people who are striving to make their lives better.

That's why we want to embrace schools like yours. Red Cross Calling for Schools is a student-led, simple activity, which teaches empathy, understanding and the spirit of giving in a way that will excite your whole school community.

Together we can do amazing things in Australia and right around the world.


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Here are stories from people Red Cross helps

Roula’s story

Roula lost her dream home in one of Victoria’s most devastating bushfires. It’s taken years to recover, but a rewarding new path has emerged from the ashes.

George’s story

A stroke six years ago could have isolated George, but connecting with a Red Cross volunteer opened up his world, taking them both back to a small slice of the Mediterranean.

Nur's Story

The journey through life has been dangerous and frightening for Nur and her family, but that hasn’t stopped their dreams of a brighter future for their children.

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