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Think like a scout and "Be Prepared!" Build your own survival kit with our handy emergency checklist.

There are two kinds of things you need to pack:

  • Items that will help you survive during the emergency
  • Items that will help you recover after the emergency

Survival items are the things that might get you through days without water or power, or help you to make do if roads are cut off and shops are closed.

Recovery items are those important things you'll need after to rebuild your life.

In your emergency kit, you could include your personal RediPlan, or copies of important documents like house titles or insurance details.

Make sure that you pack things that will help you to feel calm when the rest of your life is in upheaval. Pack sentimental things like photographs and jewellery, or for children it could be a favourite toy. These are important things to help you rebuild after an emergency.

More ways to stay prepared

Two Australians getting mentally prepared for emergency.

Prepare your mind

Emergencies are scary and stressful. Here's a simple way to prepare your mind for an emergency. Taking time to think ahead and care for your wellbeing will help you cope better with stress.

Couple having a conversation about emergency preparedness.

Start a conversation

Being in an emergency is not something people usually think about, let alone talk about. But the more we talk about it, the better prepared we'll be when it happens. We think it's the most important thing you can do.

Mother and her young children getting prepared for emergency.

Use an emergency plan

If an emergency did happen, who and what would you want to protect the most? Fill in your personal RediPlan and keep important details safely in one place.