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Help prepare the next generation of Australians

Across Australia, we face the threat of more frequent and intense disasters. Help give kids the skills to stay safe.

One in three of us, adults and kids alike, will be affected by an emergency or the threat of one in our lifetime – it might be anything from a natural disaster to a car accident or medical emergency.

In the last year alone we’ve supported communities across Australia who were affected by 48 different disasters.

We want to help three million Australians to be better prepared for emergencies, including more than 100,000 school children.

To do that we need your help.

Donate today and help give a new generation the skills to be prepared.

This is just some of the work your generous donation can make possible:

  • $30 can help us provide practical and emotional support to two families evacuated in an emergency
  • $50 can help us provide 20 families with resources to prepare for a disaster
  • $100 can help us to assist people looking for loved ones evacuated or are missing in an emergency

Donate Today

When a disaster does hit it’s children who are among the most vulnerable to the physical dangers and the psychological impacts.

We can’t stop disasters from happening but with your support we can give youngsters the skills and know-how to be prepared and stay safe. Together we can help them to feel:


In an emergency, I think I’d be brave and a little bit scared … I would go to a safe spot.

Neve, 9

Pillowcase Project

Our classroom workshops teach children what emergencies are, how they might be affected, the difference between needs and wants and what to pack in an emergency kit. It’s all about preparing themselves practically and psychologically for emergencies of all kinds, both big and small.

The project was inspired by events during Hurricane Katrina in the US when students used their pillowcases to carry their cherished and basic possessions as they fled. We give each of our students their own pillowcase to keep and decorate with the things they would need in an emergency.

Teachers and principals have told us:

“To me this project allowed the students to not dwell on the one disaster impact but to embrace preparedness for all emergencies. My students talked about this activity the next week. It obviously was something that impacted on many of my students.”

“We know Red Cross do such a great job both in our community and worldwide and we wanted to allow our children to have a set of strategies that they know that they could use in the event of an emergency.”