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My Pet Plan is an emergency kit for your pet

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself?

  • Where can I stay with Pug Nacious if my home burns down?
  • Who will I call to pick up Coco the Cat if something happens to me and I can’t get home for a few days?
  • Is Harley Hound microchipped in case he loses his collar or tags running from a storm?

My Pet Plan

Many hotels don’t allow animal guests, so plan for where your pets will stay during an evacuation.

Two-legged family

The best friend your pets have in an emergency is you! You can make sure all the family is safe with our quick, simple and easy to use emergency preparedness guide.

My Pet Kit

Does your pampered pet have a favourite toy or food bowl? My Pet Kit is a list for all the things your furry friends couldn’t live without after an emergency.

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Keep your furry, feathery or scaly friends safe in an emergency