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Become a Humanitarian Champion

For just $1 a day, you can transform the lives of people living in poverty, conflict and isolation.

Every day Red Cross volunteers and trained staff work with families and communities to bring care and support where it's needed most. The people Red Cross supports come from all walks of life: Australians who are isolated and elderly; children going to school hungry; communities suffering in the wake of a disaster, or struggling to get by without clean water.

By signing up to make a monthly donation to charity, providing regular giving support, you will enable Red Cross to be there - bringing comfort, shelter and support for the long-term, throughout Australia and across our region.

By providing regular support, you will enable Red Cross to be there in the following ways:

Clean water taps provided by Red Cross after an emergency.

Safe Water

Red Cross empowers communities across the Asia Pacific region to prevent this suffering by improving water and sanitation systems.

Red Cross staff helping people recover after a disaster.

Emergency Services

As soon as a disaster strikes Red Cross is there providing thousands of people with support in their journey towards recovery.

Elderly woman receiving a phone call from Red Cross telechat service.

Daily phone calls

By giving a regular donation, your help will ensure thousands of people receive a daily phone call to check they are ok.

Your support helps change lives

If you have any questions on regular giving or would like to talk to a member of our team about your monthly donation to charity, please call 1800 811 700 or email us. For security reasons, please do not include your credit card details in an email. Australian Red Cross direct debit service agreement.