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What would you save?

Take our #minutetoleave challenge to see what it’s like to flee your home in an emergency.

#minutetoleave is a fun, simple way to find out how ready you are for an emergency.

It only takes 60 seconds, but the impact can last a lifetime. We guarantee you’ll be surprised by what you learn and how you’ll feel afterwards.

Did you grab any items that will help you survive during an emergency? Did you leave behind sentimental things like photographs, jewellery, or a child’s favourite toy. Would a plan have helped?

Take the challenge

Go on, we know you’re keen. It’s easy to do. Watch how.

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See how we went. It’s your turn next!

Piggy back ride to safety

Matt’s key learning from #minutetoleave – grab your kids first. “Next time I’d grab the external hard drive, birth certificates, a couple of towels and sweaters. And yes… definitely the kids would go out the door first!

First out of the gate

Hats off to Anton – the first person to step up and take the #minutetoleave challenge. He’ll be adding his treasured grandparent’s photo albums to his emergency list.

Saving Grandma

The timer sounded and Lara hadn’t got out the door. “I’d spent too much time grabbing replaceable ornaments! What I should have got were my Grandma’s recipes, in her own handwriting.”

Find out more about getting prepared.

There are lots of simple things you can do to get prepared. #minutetoleave is just one.

Remember to think about protecting your privacy when taking and posting your images.